Dr. Harsha S, 02/08/2020

They say, every person has 3 faces. One for the public, one for friends and family and finally one for the mirror. You are your own private person. Your online persona is your signature in the form of your browsing habits, your favorite sites, your purchase patterns, which means a lot to online seller companies. They need it for targeted advertising and pushing subtle suggestions regarding certain products or services. So, how do you protect your privacy and data?
Use Cryptography! Cryptosystems help protect your data by scrambling it. They use logical, modulo N arithmetic or number field integrals to make data unintelligible. They also provide authentication so that only you have access to your data. Ever wonder how they work? Come, join the greatest environment with the best computational facility suited for cryptographic systems at Jyothy Institute of Technology. Learning is Fun here.

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