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At Jyothy Institute of Technology, we are more than just an educational institution – we are a hub of innovation and exploration. With a legacy of excellence in technical education, we have been shaping the minds of future engineers and technologists for years.Our AIML Department is at the forefront of technological advancement. We take pride in nurturing a culture of innovation and creativity, empowering our students to push the boundaries of what is possible. Through our comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences, we aim to equip our students with the skills they need not only to understand cutting-edge technologies but also to apply them effectively in solving complex real-world challenges.

ENIGMA is an immersive 24-hour event that challenges participants’ technical expertise and creativity. It brings together talented individuals who collaborate in teams to tackle a series of real-time IT problems, with a particular emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other cutting-edge technologies. These challenges address issues related to the latest technological trends, making the event a demanding and exciting test of participants’ skills. ENIGMA aims to assess technical know-how and the ability to think creatively and innovatively to solve complex IT challenges.

ENIGMA provides invaluable learning experiences. The challenges presented were authentic issues encountered by industry professionals, fostering practical problem-solving skills. With a focus on AI,& ML and cutting-edge technologies, ENIGMA is aligned with the forefront of the IT landscape. Participants will apply theoretical knowledge to real scenarios, honing expertise in advanced fields. This hands-on approach deepens understanding and application of concepts.. ENIGMA serves as a dynamic platform,not only for competition but as a crucible for cultivating skills, fostering innovation, and preparing participants for the challenges of contemporary IT environments.

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