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Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research & Consultancy

Atal Incubation Centre-JIT Foundation

Who we are

Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.

Jyothy Institute of Technology under the governance of Jyothy Charitable Trust which is headquartered at Bengaluru mainly focuses on delivering quality education that equips students for life and career. We offer Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research Programmes in various disciplines. Focused teaching facilities coupled with practical and forward-thinking programmes lend a hand to students throughout their academic period. A significant amount of emphasis is given for extracurricular activities through various clubs, technical chapters, sports, and cultural activities.

13+ Years of History

Embark on a journey of excellence and innovation at Jyothy Institute of Technology, where dreams come to life.

Study at JIT

Welcome to a world of transformative learning at Jyothy Institute of Technology, where extraordinary minds thrive.

Our Vision

To be an Institution of Excellence in Engineering education, Innovation and Research and work towards evolving great leaders for the country’s future and meeting global needs.

Our Mission

The Institution aims at providing a vibrant, intellectually and emotionally rich teaching learning environment with the State of the Art Infrastructure and recognizing and nurturing the potential of each individual to evolve into ones own self and contribute to the welfare of all.

To The Journey Ahead

Our Core Commitments

Create a congenial environment and provide state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Impart quality education by establishing effective learning-teaching-learning processes to produce competent engineers and managers with high professional ethics and social responsibilities.

Constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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Transform your aspirations into reality at Jyothy Institute of Technology

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Step into a world of endless possibilities and seize your future at Jyothy Institute of Technology, where dreams take flight.

Our Programs

Unleash your potential with our cutting-edge courses at Jyothy Institute of Technology, where knowledge meets opportunity.

Diverse and comprehensive undergraduate programs at Jyothy Institute of Technology provide a strong foundation for future success.

Explore advanced horizons and unlock new opportunities with our postgraduate programs at Jyothy Institute of Technology, shaping future leaders.

Engage in research and innovation through our dynamic research programs at Jyothy Institute of Technology, driving technological advancements.