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The grand inauguration commenced with the symbolic lighting of the lamp, signifying the enlightenment that the event aimed to bring. Pranitha’s invocation song added a touch of cultural richness, setting a harmonious tone. Distinguished attendees included Principal Dr. K GopalKrishna, Trustees Mr. B K Ramesh, and Mr. M Narasimhan. Noteworthy personalities from ITC Infotech, Maitreya Samanta (Principal Data Scientist), and Phanindra R S (Executive – Campus Recruitment), shared their insights. Mr. Mohan Paul, GM Operation at SJS Enterprises Private Limited, offered a unique industry perspective. Three rounds of review were done on different phases of completion of the task given. One more special review was done to select the winners among the top 10 selected teams. The final chapter of ENIGMA unfolded in the valedictory session, a momentous conclusion to a day of intense technical challenges. Notable speakers, including the esteemed chief guests Mr. Abdhul Rahim and Dr. Arun Nagaraj, graced the occasion, sharing valuable insights. The culmination of the event saw the felicitation of winners, recognizing their outstanding contributions. The presence of Principal Dr. K GopalKrishna and Mr. B K Ramesh added prestige to the ceremony, emphasizing the institutional support behind ENIGMA. The valedictory session became a platform to celebrate not just individual achievements but the collective success of the event—a testament to innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the dynamic landscape of IT challenges.

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