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Shankara Jayanthy and Ramanujacharya Jayanthy

Shankara Jayanthy was celebrated under the banner of KalaMilana on 09-05-2023 from
04.00 to 04.30 PM, at the Main Auditorium, Jyothy Institute of Technology.
Prof Srinidhi Kulkarni gave a glimpse of the contributions of Sri Shankaracharya and Sri Ramanujacharys to the audience.
Some selected suktas from Vedas was chanted.
Around 7 students participated in chanting of Sri Shakaracharya’s compositions
Bhajagovindam and Guru astakam.
The event was well appreciated by faculty members and students’ community.
We thank Principal and the Management for supporting us to conduct this event.
Light refreshments was provided to the attendees and artists after the event.
We also thank Dr. Kishore, Secretary, Kalamilana for helping us to arrange this event.
We thank all the attendees who have made this function a grand success.
Coordinators :
01. Srinidhi Kulkarni, Asst Professor, Dept of CSE
02. Nagaraj. A, Assoc Professor, Dept of CSE