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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Jyothy Institute of Technology is committed to excellence through continuous improvement and innovation.

Create a congenial environment and provide state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Impart quality education by establishing effective learning-teaching-learning processes to generate competent engineers and managers with high professional ethics and social responsibilities.

Constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Innovative teaching-learning methodology

JIT, right from inception, has stuck to the innovative teaching-learning practice. All the classrooms are equipped with LCD Projectors, WACOM digital writing pads, and thin client provisions. We invite all our stakeholders to go through “The Departmental Teaching-Learning Innovations” manual maintained in each of the Departments. This highlights the respective departmental strength in the innovative teaching-learning process, some of the innovative teaching-learning activities adopted by the department, its outcome and impact analysis. WACOM digital pad-enabled teaching, pre-test and post-test practical, video and animation-based topic introductions, and open-book tests are some worthy teaching-learning initiatives that always have their top position in our periodic impact analysis report.

Rules under code of conduct are applicable for all the persons from inside and outside the college:

In addition to the above statements, rules for staff members: