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Mr Mukesh Kamath Bola

Information Science and Engineering

Mr Mukesh Kamath Bola

Mr Mukesh Kamath Bola

Assistant Professor

Mr Mukesh Kamath Bola


Mr Mukesh Kamath Bola is currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department
of Information Science and Engineering. He holds an M.Tech. degree in Computer
Science and Engineering(graduated in 2007) and B.E. in Computer
Engineering(graduated in 2000) from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. He has
experience in industry as well as academia.
in the industry as a senior software engineer he has honed his skills in c/c++ working on
cmake projects employing c++11, qt/qml, java, aws s3 storage, google protobuf over
rabbitmq. he has worked as associate consultant in web development where he researched
testing tools like jest, puppeteer, mocha, enzyme etc for testing react apps. he has also
worked in styling reactjs using sass and testing react apps using snapshot testing and

Interests in Research, Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems, Shading languages, the Graphics
Pipeline, Computer Architectures, Medical Software and Computer Security.

Life Member of ISTE – LM 40479

Java Course from NICT Bangalore- Distinction

Journal Publications
  • R. Shahabadkar, Mukesh Kamath B and K. R. Shahabadkar, "Di-agnosis of compromised
    accounts for online social performance profile network", 2016 International Conference on
    Wireless Communications Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET), pp. 1552-1557, March
Achievements and awards
  1. “Windows Based Tutor Developer” first prize in Final Year Student Project Exhibition –
    2000 held on 26th May,2000 at MIT, Manipal
  2. Philips Scholar paid internship between Aug,2005 to July,2007 during M.Tech at Manipal
    Institute of Technology and while at NXP Semiconductors helped port a Testing Tool called
    CANTATA on target boards running processors of PNX1300 series of media processors.