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Interactive Learning with Ted Ed

Course: Operating System (BCS303)

Faculty Name: Dr. Annie Sujith, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE


In the pursuit of enhancing students’ learning experiences in the Operating System course, Dr. Annie Sujith incorporated utilization of Ted Ed in the course.

Dr. Annie created customized video lessons using the Ted Ed platform. These video lessons were structured around curated TED-Ed animations, TED talks, or YouTube videos relevant to Operating System concepts. Within the videos, interactive elements such as questions and discussion topics were embedded, encouraging active engagement and facilitating deeper comprehension among students. After watching the video, students must answer the posted questions. If they give the wrong answer, then as a hint, the time stamp location in the video is displayed, where the solution to the question is present and they can again watch that portion of the video and then reattempt the question.

Students’ feedback regarding the utilization of Ted Ed was overwhelmingly positive. It helped stimulate their interest and facilitated a deeper understanding of Operating System concepts. The ability to receive immediate feedback on their responses to questions and the option to revisit relevant portions of the videos was particularly beneficial in reinforcing learning and addressing misconceptions.