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Interactive Learning with Mentimeter

Course: Database Management System (21CS53)

Faculty Name: Dr. Annie Sujith, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE

Dr. Annie S. incorporated the utilization of Mentimeter in the pursuit of enhancing students’ learning experiences. This approach aimed not only to actively engage students but also to assess their understanding of the taught concepts in real-time.

After completing each module, Dr. Annie incorporated Mentimeter presentations to supplement traditional teaching methods. The presentations comprised various interactive elements such as Word Clouds, Polls, and Quizzes, designed to elicit responses, gauge comprehension, and foster a dynamic learning environment. Mentimeter provided a platform for interactive engagement, allowing students to participate actively and contribute to the learning process. The visual representation of data through Mentimeter enhanced student engagement and facilitated instant assessment of student comprehension.

Students’ feedback regarding the utilization of Mentimeter was overwhelmingly positive. Students appreciated the interactive nature of the sessions, which stimulated their interest and facilitated a deeper understanding of DBMS concepts.