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“How to File Patent in India” – A Brief Report

A workshop on “How to File Patent in India” was conducted at Jyothy Institute of Technology in association with the Indian Concrete Institute – KBC on 25 th April 2023 in the presence of the students and staffs of Civil Engineering Department. The workshop was conducted by Dr. T Palanisamy, Assistant professor, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal.

The Event was presided over by Dr. Gopalakrishna K, Principal, Jyothy Institute of Technology and speaker was formally welcomed by Dr. Sreekeshava K S, Associate and Head, Civil Engineering Department.

This workshop gave the overall view on Filing a Patent. The session was very interesting and informative for students. The session covered following points,

  • Defining patent
  • Benefits of patent
  • Selection criteria for patent
  • Applying the patent
  • Fee Structure of the patent
  • Time duration required to get the patent.

The speaker throughout the workshop inspired students to work towards the patent. Speaker also showed live example of patent certificate. The session was interactive and informative. Speaker also conveyed the alternative career opportunities in civil engineering field to the students. The session helped students to get to know more about patent in India and also the alternative civil opportunities. There was a very effective Q&A session held to conclude the workshop.