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“Creativity to Construction”

A workshop on “Creativity to Construction” was conducted at Jyothy Institute of Technology
in association with the Indian Concrete Institute – KBC from 08 th May 2023 to 12 th May 2023
in the presence of the students and staffs of Civil Engineering Department. The workshop
was conducted by Mr. Keshav Prasad, Founder Shilpa Shrungar Architect, Bangalore.
The Event was presided over by Dr. Gopalakrishna K, Principal, Jyothy Institute of
Technology and speaker was formally welcomed by Dr.Sreekeshava K S, Associate and
Head, Civil Engineering Department.

The workshop was one of the unique kinds. The workshop was designed on the basis of the
requirements of the students for which an interactive session was held prior to the workshop
on 2 nd May 2023. The three-day workshop was well crafted by the speaker to enhance the
understanding and bridging the knowledge of book and the field (Practical Knowledge).

The workshop was divided into following segments,
 Motivating the students to learn the concepts with joy.
 Creating a model with the popsicle sticks.
 Different concepts involved in Architecture and Civil Engineering.
 Methodologies involved in each step of civil construction.
 Construction Technologies.
 Site Visit to nearby ongoing residential construction.

The speaker throughout the workshop inspired students to learn anything joyously. The
sessions were very interactive and informative at the same time. In the architectural segment
studying the drawings and effectively planning the spaces. Speaker also addressed the career
opportunities in civil engineering field with a small counselling to the students. In the last
segment of the workshop field visit was held to discuss and learn the practices on field.
Considering all the aspects of the workshop, this workshop has tremendously helped the
students to relate the theoretical knowledge to the field practice. There was a very effective
Q&A session held to conclude the workshop.