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Activity-based Learning using Spin wheel tool

Course: Introduction to Python Programming (BPLCK205B)

Faculty Name: Dr. Annie Sujith, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE


During the Python workshop held on July 21, 2023, for the 2nd-semester B-section students, the resource person, Dr. Annie Sujith, implemented various activity-based learning methods to ensure an interactive and enjoyable learning experience while boosting student engagement. The resource person incorporated interactive activities and educational games alongside traditional teaching methods. Explained below is one such activity. The activity involved the use of a projector and a spin wheel tool ( to randomly select students by displaying their USNs. Here’s a breakdown of how this activity worked:

1) Spin Wheel Display: The resource person used a projector to display a spin wheel on the screen, which was initialized to show the USNs of students.

2) Student Selection: When the spin wheel was spun, it randomly selected a USN, and the corresponding student was invited to come to the front of the room to answer a question displayed on the projector.

3) Question Types: The questions for this activity were prepared in advance and covered a variety of topics like:

  1. Tricky questions related to Python programming to encourage creative thinking.
  2. Questions commonly asked in entrance exams and job interviews, including multiple-choice questions.
  3. Questions involving predicting the output of specific Python program segments to improve students’ programming skills and understanding of program syntax.

4) Rotation: After a student answered a question, their USN was removed from the spin wheel to ensure that other students had a chance to participate.


– If the selected student answered the question correctly, they were encouraged to explain the logic or program flow to the entire class, helping them overcome stage fear and reinforcing their understanding of the concept.

For particularly challenging questions and program segments, Dr. Annie Sujith explained the concepts to the entire class.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the spin wheel concept for selecting participants, as it added an element of anticipation and excitement. It was not only engaging and fun but also highly educational. This game effectively assessed students’ understanding of the subject in an enjoyable manner, fostering critical analysis and logical problem-solving skills among the participants.