YoungIndia – COVID19 Challenge

Quick assistance needed - Disinfecting tents / tunnels / gates

Wondering if we can help students as the current stay at home environment while the whole world is dealing with COVID pandemic.

We would like to buy atleast 5 systems built by these bright students while making the design itself public for free. That way we can help fund this effort and they will be helping the community back.

High-level needs:

  1. Quickly research the method employed around the world and publish various methods to disinfect quickly and easily
  2. Design and publish an Open Source system for public benefit. We would like to release it for free online, so the entire world can use this
  3. System must be built easily by any handyman with commonly available tools at HomeDepot, Lowes or any other hardware store. Parts and these systems should be easily available on Amazon.
  4. If needed, we will work on manufacturing (but we want to stay out of this for quick deployment)
  5. All custom parts (if any) must be made using a simple 3D printer at home and rest everything needs to be commonly available hardware store supplies
  6. The liquid must meet FDA guidelines. We don't need to manufacture as long as we can use commonly available liquids approved by FDA, CDC, NHA or FEMA.
  7. We don't need to design the liquid itself, we will use the commonly available liquid that is already approved by FDA
  8. Need to make a series of good videos and upload them to Youtube for public benefit (video quality isn't important but the content needs to be clearly understood by public all over the world)

Kindly let us know your thoughts. Will call you during the weekend to discuss further.

System 1: Already built in India

System 2: Build elsewhere

System 3: Will be our system
Much easier to build and safer than the rest

Best of all, these students will not only be paid for this but will also have satisfaction throughout their life that they saved tons of lives during this testing period.

We do have some philanthropic donors (non corporate) lined up to support this "Community benefit program".

Dr. K. Gopalakrishna
Jyothy Institute of Technology

Students can draw sketches and explain. Awards for the best.

DueDate: 7 days from today. (26th April)

Send your proposals to

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