Peer to Peer learning activity (Web App Development)


Coordinator :  A. Nagaraj, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE, JIT Department of Computer Science and Engineering conducted Peer to Peer Learning activity on Java Web Application Development, for 5th semester students, who have taken advanced Java and J2EE(17CS553), as elective course on 27-08-2019. The students were exposed to the basics of Java Web Application Development using Java Servlets and JSP technologies. Following students of 7 th semester have participated in the activity.

Sr No Project Title USN Name
01 Webeats 1JT16CS044 Raksha. K
1JT16CS037 Pooja. C
1JT15CS034 Pallavi Singh
02 India Tourism 1JT16CS004 Anagha Phaniraj
1JT16CS018 Gayatri K
Students have liked the event and they have requested the department to conduct such activities. The event was coordinated by A. Nagaraj, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, JIT.

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