Group Activity on Design of digital circuits


Coordinator:  D. Krishnaveni, Assistant Professor, Dept of ECE, JIT Mini projects were done by students of the 2017 batch. The students designed combinational and sequential circuits, program was written using VHDL/Verilog HDL and simulated & synthesized on XILINX software. After the functionality of the design was verified, these designs have implemented the design on FPGA. This activity helped the students in getting hands-on-training on the design and implementation of complex digital circuits on FPGA. This activity was conducted to encourage the students in learning latest developments in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering and to impart quality education which will benefit the young minds - student fraternity.  

Batch USN Name Activity
1 1JT17EC022 Manasa Dadda Multiplier
1JT17EC024 Meghana
1JT17EC011 Divyatha
1JT17EC025 Nandhini
2 1JT17EC009 Charumathi 4-bit Serial Parallel Multiplier
1JT17EC044 Sreelakshmi
1JT17EC019 Kavya
3 1JT17EC043 Skandapriya BN Modified Booth Multiplier
1JT17EC018 Karthik Hebbar M
1JT17EC045 Suhas Amarnath
1JT17EC050 Tejas CB
4 1JT17EC021 Kunchapudi AV Balaharshavardhan Left/right Serial/Parallel register
1JT17EC013 Gowtham s
1JT17EC034 Pranav Kumar N
1JT16EC026 Mounesh Suresh Pattar
5 1JT17EC005 Ashwini S Rao 6-bit Carry Select Adder
1JT17EC042 Shrinidhi S Amble
1JT17EC054 Thanmayram B R
6 1JT17EC026 Nanditha V M 18-bit Carry Skip Adder
1JT17EC008 Chandana R S
1JT18EC400 Pruthvini H
7 1JT17EC036 Rakesh Shridhar 4-bit Baugh Wooley Multiplier
1JT17EC003 AnirudhaTadapatri
1JT17EC033 Pramod Ugargol
1JT17EC032 Prajwal B
8 1JT17EC040 Shamanth .L n bit comparator
1JT17EC015 H. R. Suhas
1JT17EC028 PS. Tejas
9 1JT17EC048 Swathi KS Booth Multiplier
1JT17EC047 Sushma R
1JT17EC051 Tejaswini M
10 1JT17EC004 Arpitha.L Wallace tree Mutiplier
1JT17EC039 Sanjana.V
1JT16EC059 Varshini.N
11 1JT17EC052 Tejaswini .R 16-bit Carry Look Ahead Adder
1JT17EC053 Tejaswini .S.P
1JT17EC055 Vibha Biligere
12 1JT17EC002 Anek S Vasist 4-bit Unsigned Divider
1JT17EC046 Supriya K
1JT17EC020 Keerthana S
13 1JT16EC041 Saima Javeed Incrementer/decrementer
1JT16EC016 Harini S P
1JT16EC049 Sharmadha Kashyap
1JT16EC005 Usha
14 1JT17EC030 Pavan Kumar V Implementing 4-bit ALU
1JT17EC035 Amruth R
1JT17EC027 Niranjan T
15 1JT17EC041 Srinidhi Kashyap 4-bit Signed Divider
1JT17EC014 GuruNarasimha
1JT17EC012 Gowri
1JT17EC007 Chandana.P
16 1JT17EC049 Swathi R Braun Multiplier
1JT17EC038 Sanath Rao U
1JT17EC010 DheerendraShantheshaPoojara

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