Swarm Intelligence Game: Beehive and Ant colony Game Play


Dr. Harsha S Couse Name: Machine Learning Code: 15CS73

Swarm Intelligence Game: Beehive and Ant colony Game Play: A student volunteer is identified as a “queen bee”. His/her task is to command various actors (other student volunteers). Tasks include

Find food source (Chalk boxes)
Spray pheromones (marking the path) keeping pebbles along the path
Avoid/fight enemies (Wasps / Spiders) – played by volunteers
Gather nectar (Colored chalk)
Optimize path

Roles include

The Counter sends foragers in various directions accompanied by soldiers. Foragers try and avoid enemies while soldiers defend them. They find a food source, spray pheromones to mark the path. Return to the hive. The counter captures times and sends gatherers along with soldiers in and around the marked paths to find the optimal shortest path to increase food gathering throughput.


“The game played was very interesting and informative. It was also a lot of fun. We got to know that intelligence comes from performing simple tasks such as tracking time or step counting also” -Abhilash Kashyap

“We enjoyed the game and also learned multi-agent-based intelligence systems. It was a fresh type of learning with a lot of interaction without known languages” -Dhanish Kumar

During the pandemic, all classes went online. So, the teaching-learning process had to drastically evolve to suit the sudden change in requirements. Thanks to the purchase of G-suite by the college, the online class conduction became smooth. But, innovation in the online class was still a challenge. That is when a timed quiz was thought of. On google forms, quizzes were hosted with deadlines. The questions were addressing different levels of learning i.e.: knowledge, problem-solving skills, analytical skill, creativity, etc. Student response was encouraging and hence the method was imbibed into the online mode of teaching.

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