CPU Sim is an educational software package written in Java. CPU Sim provides students an active learning environment in which they can design, modify, and compare various computer architectures at the register-transfer level and higher. They can run assembly language or machine language programs for those architectures through simulation. CPU Sim is a complete development environment, including dialog boxes for designing the CPU architecture, a text editor for editing assembly language programs, an assembler, several display windows for viewing the registers and RAMs during the execution of programs, and many debugging features such as the ability to step forward or backward during execution, inspecting and optionally changing the values in the registers and RAMs after each step. These features and suggested uses of CPU Sim in computer organization classes. With CPU Sim, instructors can give students hands-on experience with the following topics in the computer organization (18CS34) Curriculum:

  1. Numeric data representation and number bases
  2. Representation of non-numeric data
  3. Microprogrammed realization of the CPU
  4. Control unit; instruction fetch, decode, and execution
  5. Instruction types (data manipulation, control, I/O)
  6. Instruction formats
  7. Assembly/machine language programming
  8. Addressing modes
  9. Main memory organization and operations
Date: Aug-Jan 2019-2020

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