Saamoohika Sooryanamaskara on Rathasaptami


Saamohika Sooryanamaskara was arranged on Rathasaptami on 28-01-2023, at Jyothy Instsitute of Technology, for students and staff. The event was conducted from 06.15 am to 07.30 am. Around 50 participants participated in the event. The event was conducted under the guidance of RSS Sanchalakas. 13 Sooryanamaskaras and other asanas in different postures such as sitting, standing, forward bending and backward bending were performed. Basics of Pranayama was also taught and importance of asanas and pranayama in daily life was highlighted. We thank Principal and the Management for permitting us to conduct this event. Light refreshments was provided to the participants after the event. We thank all the participants who have made this event a grand success. Coordinators : 01. Srinidhi Kulkarni, Asst Professor, Dept of CSE 02. Nagaraj. A, Assoc Professor, Dept of CSE

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