CSI Coding Challenge


CSI Coding Challenge for II Semester Students We the third Semester CSE, ISE and AIML students were given an opportunity and totally excited to participate in the “Coding Challenge Event” held on 3rd March 2023 in our college auditorium. It was a group event with two members in a team. There were 26 teams in all. The challenge was to solve and execute the given problems in the stipulated time. We enjoyed working co-operatively in teams which in turn helped us to reinforce our understanding in the subject matter. It also was beneficial for our interpersonal skills alongside problem solving skills. We are greatly thankful to our Principal Dr. K Gopala Krishna and the management to have given their full support and encouragement for this event. We sincerely thank our Event Coordinator -Prof. Nagraj. A (Dept of CSE) and his team Mr. Manjesh (Dept of ISE) and Ms. Archana Rao (Dept of AIML) for a well-organized event. We look forward to more of this in future.

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