Managing Committee:

Organizing Committee:

List of Teams:

List of Events:

  1. Cricket

  2. Volley ball

  3. Throw ball

  4. Tug of War

  5. Badminton

  6. Table Tennis


Auction Guidelines

  1. There will be 6 eligible teams for Jyothy Premier League Season 2 - 2023.
  2. Only registered players can participate in the auction process.
  3. All captains will be provided with the list of nominated players in advance.
  4. Each captain will receive 25000 points to spend towards team selection. 12 members to be selected thought auction
  5. Each team will have 17 players including the manager, captain, and 3 women players. It is the manager and captain’s responsibility to select women players, and there will be no auction for the same.
  6. Each player has a base price of 1000 points.
  7. The increment of points during the auction will be 200 points.
  8. A team can bid accordingly after the base price to increase the price of players and freeze at a particular higher price among all teams.
  9. Once the auction is completed, the teams will be fixed and frozen. Swapping of players will not be allowed under any circumstances.
  10. The same team will be playing all group games like cricket, volleyball, and tug of war.
  11. Only the captain and manager can bid in the auction process.
  12. There is no auction for women’s Teams.
  13. Release of any player in the case of shortage of points to reach required team numbers.
  14. Release of player is applicable only when team points reached below 1000.

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