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Neo4J – DB Interest Group Event

Authors : Nagamayuri B S, Manjari M N, 6th sem IS                                                  Date: 6/04/2016

Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first class entities, helping enterprises build intelligent applications to meet today’s evolving data challenges. Before the session, we were asked to install neo4j software.
We had a session on graphical database management using neo4j on 06th of april 2016. It was introduced by Srinidhi Kulkarni, Asst prof Dept of CSE and Harish Sir, Asst prof Dept of CSE.
The basics were taught by Srinidhi Sir and practical implementation by Harish k. It was started around 2 ‘o’ clock in the CS/IS seminar hall. The room was quite crowded as a whole of 60 and odd people were fit into the room.
Srinidhi Sir started off with the introduction to the different tools available for the database management. We started understanding it better when we actually started using neo4j. We were able to implement it under the guidance of Harish sir.
We were asked to sketch a graph(schema diagram) using neo4j about the “T20 World Cup”.
By the end of the session, Adithya sir asked us to implement a graphical database on “Facebook post” independently.
It was a good opportunity to know about a graph database neo4j.
This session was held under database self-interest group.
Co-ordinator for this group is Mrs Chhaya Rajashekaraih, Asst prof Dept of ISE

FDP on Advanced Technologies and Modern Trends in Civil Engineering Constructions

Author: Poornima C, Asst. Prof., Dept of Civil                                                  Date: 11/01/2016

Objective: To acquaint the faculty members with the state of the art technologies in the civil engineering industry and provide an opportunity for the faculty and research scholars to enhance there knowledge with the peers.

Key features of the FDP:

  • Modern construction methodologies and project management

  • A technical visit to construction material testing laboratory [Civil Aid Technoclinic Pvt Ltd.]

  • A site visit to a major construction project near Bengaluru. (Prestige Golfshire, Nandi Hills Road)

  • Concept of Chemical Admixture and recent trends in concrete Technology

  • Temple Architecture and site visit to Swananda Ashrama
  • Demonstration on softwares – E-survey, CADD & Rivet.

  • Emerging trends in transportation engineering.

Programming Crash Course @ CSE/ISE

Author: Adithya B, Asst Professor, Dept of CSE                                                               Date: 03-10-2015


The Programming interest group of the department of CSE/ISE, constituting faculty members, organized a very interesting crash course for the students of 7th Sem CSE/ISE. The course was very beautifully structured to impart ideas pertaining to C and C++ programming with respect to cracking interviews. Students participated in large numbers and took full advantage of the program.

The program started with Mr. Adithya B delivering an interesting session on Structure Padding, Data Alignment, Multi Threading in C using Open MP library, Type Casting and so on. Following this session Mrs. Anusha G E discussed various model questions and shared tips and tricks about programming.20151003_120256-300x200

Mr. Vadiraj Acharya, continued with C++ programming session, concentrating mainly on concepts related to Object Oriented Programming and various subtle implementation issues were discussed in due course of his session. Students learned a lot during this one day crash course and have endorsed the same in their feedback.20151003_120308-300x200

Concluding the day long session, a post course evaluation was conducted by the team which also doubled as a mock written test. More such session, perhaps for more number of days will be planned in near future to inculcate the logical and programming temperament among the JITian