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IoT Workshop @ Bagmane tech park

Author : Manjari M N, 6th sem ISE                                                                      Date: 9 & 10-04-2016

We had a two day workshop on internet of things (IoT) . We were almost an hour late to the class on the first day, since we ended up in Phase 2 of Bagmane tech park; But we were supposed to go to Phase 1. We finally made it to the texas instruments campus. It was an amusing view through the way to the class. Since we were late, we missed most of the theoretical part of the workshop. However that was not much of a loss, because Arvind Sir (trainer) guided us through the experiments we performed.

We started off with a simple experiment to blink an LED, after which we got a break. We resumed with other experiments right after the much needed break.


We used Launchpad (by Texas instruments) for all the experiments and the programming language we used was “Wiring”, which is a mixture of C and C++. Energia is the editor we used for coding.

There were approximately 18 members in the class of which a few were students, a few were employees. We all were divided into teams of two members, of which Mayuri and I were a team. Every team in the class were provided with an experiment kit, using which we all did the experiments.

Arvind sir mentioned the application of each of the experiment we did. Everyone of us got an idea of exactly why we were doing that particular experiment. Arvind sir was very elaborate with whatever he explained. He guided everyone of us throughout the workshop and cleared each of our doubts.

We had a lunch break after a few experiments. Lunch was available in the canteen. We all had good food for lunch. We resumed right after lunch and continued with similar experiments till 6 in the evening.


The next morning we reached at the right time. We performed many more experiments, which were quite interesting. We had a faculty from T John college as a volunteer, who helped us on this day.

By the end of the day, each group was given a different kit to perform vivid experiments and each of the teams were asked to give a demo. Our group – Pallavi, Yashaswini, Mayuri and I got a Node4j board, which was more of a mini-project, but, we were not successful since we lacked a software. We carefully observed the demos which was presented by each of the other teams, of which one team was of my classmates – Srivatsa, Shritha and Vinay Raaj. All the other groups gave the demonstration of the experiments they were asked to.

At the end of second day, we got a picture with arvind sir and left the campus

Representation of JIT @ Nandi Utsav – 2016

Author: Vaishnavi Jois, 6 th semester ISE                                                          Date: 3rd April 2016

It was an exciting day for all of us participating in the “Nandi Utsav – 2016” at Nandi Institute of Technology and Management Sciences. The students participated in various events. 14 students of 6 th semester CSE and ISE participated in the Mini Project Demo and Web designing.

re_P_20160331_1259151JT13IS010 – Harshita. J
1JT13IS002 – Aishvarya Shetty
1JT13IS018 – Pallavi Aithal
1JT13IS025 – Vaishnavi B
1JT13IS012 – Karthik Kumar H
1JT13IS006 – Arjun H N
1JT13IS001 – Abhishek P M
1JT13IS017 – Nikhil Bharadwaj
1JT13CS053 – Vinay Bhat
1JT12CS054 – Vinay Kiran
1JT13CS033 – Perumal S
1JT13CS057 – Yashwin B P
1JT13CS046 – Tilak K
1JT13CS055 – Vishal Srinivas

Nikhil Bharadwaj of 6 th semester ISE and Vishal Srinivas of 6 th semester CSE participated in Web designing and secured 1 st prize for “Designing Sports Web page”. In the Mini project demo, Tilak K and Perumal S won the 1 st prize for their work on “Automated Parking”.

Automated Parking lot was implemented using Arduino and was based on the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). We received lot of positive feedback from the staff and students at the Nandi Institute. It was a great experience for all of us. They were very happy with our work and appreciated the college management for taking initiatives to encourage the students.

We were very fortunate to have received great support from HOD, Principal and the faculty members of the department.

A Day @ Bang The Table

Author: Vinay Kiran, 6th Sem, CSE                                                                           Date: 26-03-2016

On Saturday 26th March 2016, I attended an one day workshop on ‘PYTHON’. It was conducted by IEDF and the venue was ‘BANG THE TABLE’ located in INDIRANAGAR, 12th main.

My friends (Arjun Hangud, Perumal, Vinay Bhat, Tilak and Vinay Raj) and me initially struggled to locate the venue. We searched the same road again and again, ultimately Vinay Bhat was able to locate it.


The company was located at 3rd floor, so we took elevator to go to that floor. All of was were acting like kiddos in that elevator, pressing all the buttons, so that the elevator stops at each floor.

We expected it would be like a typical classroom environment. But it was completely a different scenario. We were provided with bean bags and free WiFi . So it was more of a comfortable corner.


The session began at 9:45 AM. The speaker was Arvind Padmanabhan.He is the founder of IEDF(Indian Engineering Design Forum). He had a very profound knowledge of PYTHON. Just like all other workshop, he also started with a brief introduction about PYTHON.

My friends and me were only students who attended the workshop. All the other participants were professional working in various companies and organizations.

The first session was installation of PYTHON on two major platforms: UBUNTU and WINDOWS.

The second session was an interactive hands on session which helped us to understand the basics of PYTHON. We had a tea break. They even served biscuits, chocolates and snacks which was much needed for distraction and also networking with other participants.

Now, we were left with two challenging sessions and one lunch break. These challenging sessions were ‘Programming Challenge 1’ and ‘Programming Challenge 2’.


The ‘Programming Challenge 1’ was based on operator precedence, strings, math related library functions, string related functions etc. We had to post the answers on the website and Arvind sir used to test and review the answers. So it was a good interactive session.

After Lunch the ‘Programming Challenge 2’ was based on lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, list comprehension , dictionary comprehension etc. In both the challenge most of the correct answers was posted by us . Arvind sir gave us an excellent guidance as we started climbing the challenge . For almost , all the challenges , he used to provide us with single line code , which was pretty amusing . At the end he showed us some PYTHON based projects . Some of the projects were RIVER CROSSING RESCUE SCOOTER , OIL CAN CRUSHER and many more .

Finally we had a group photo and was ready to leave. We enjoyed the workshop a lot and had an amazing Saturday . But we had to wait half an hour in the parking lot , since our friend Perumal as usual encountered Arvind Sir with his questions .


A day workshop on NPTEL – Prof Kamala Sundar, IIT-Madras

Author: Adithya B, Asst Prof, Dept of CSE                                                  Date: 29-01-2016

Although not a new thing, many of us have surely sat through the long videos trying to self learn concepts in our study. A very well articulate and formalized technique by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is “Technology Enabled Learning”(TEL). Faculty and Students of various graduate study call this by the name, NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enabled Learning).

Prof. Kamala Sundar of IITM, shared stories of how NPTEL started as simply a Web based learning to TV channel Ekalavya to Now a video based TEL. He shared his experience on how the role of teachers has changed from Information delivery to problem solving to designing; eventually inculcating the habit of self learning.

Our former president Dr. Radhakrishnan had said and I quote “A good teacher is the one who makes himself progressively unnecessary in the process of teaching”. In the same lines, I am to now believe NPTEL has contributed enough towards making learning; self learning and the stadium model, as Dr. Sundar call it obsolete. It has given a new perspective and meaning to the word “teach” than it was before.

Dr. Sundar in the second session spoke about a open source Learning Management Tool called Moodle, which is now used at college level in many colleges including Jyothy Institute of Technology. He briefed on various features that Moodle offers how it can be easily setup locally. Not just that, he also explained how 8-9 TBs of NPTEL videos can be made available locally to the students of the institution by simply filling out a on-line application forms and copywriter form.

Overall, A well planned and apt topic by Dr. A N Kumar, Dean, R&D, JIT and well co-ordinated by Dr. Rudresh Kumar, Asst. Prof, Dept of Chemistry; that was needed in the time when the semester is about to begin on Feb 1st. At this point I would also like to put it on record that in JIT, few if us have tried our TEL using moodle and got mixed responses from students. Eventually, students have accepted the model and started liking the technique more than we could even imagine. As an appeal I would request Faculty members to spend some time and build video and web content and make it available online.

Role Play – Operating System

Author: Adithya B, Asst Professor, Dept of CSE, Date: 13/08/2015

Considering the difficulty in visualizing the concepts of Operating System, I happen to plan a event of “Role Play” in one of my classroom sessions. The event was planned as an hour program. The participants of the event were 5th semester CSE and ISE students. Students were divided into small groups and asked to brainstorm topics, and also contemplate how can those topics be played out as a drama for 20 min.

Students manifested themselves as devices, OS, system calls, device drivers and so on, they enacted concepts of Operating System including “Working of a computer system”, “Virtual Machines”, “Memory Management”, “Structure of Operating system” and so on.

The concepts were very beautifully,  enthusiastically portrayed and enacted by the students. The event facilitated understanding of concepts of Operating System through visualization. The event gave them a chance to collaborate with peers and work as a team. Students responded well and more such events will be planned in near future with more interesting concepts to enact. Check out photos above