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Live Demo During ETET-2016

Author: Vallabh Mahale, Asst. Prof., Dept of CSE                                                    Date: 11/02/2016

re_1Live demo of projects was arranged as part of ETET-2016 on 11-02-2016.Students of 4th / 6th / 8th semester of computer science and information science participated in the live demo.

Some of the projects displayed were based on the following concepts:

  • Internet of things

  • Image analysis

  • Computer vision

  • Usage of Raspberry PI

  • Usage of Arduino Boards

  • Computer Graphics

  • Temperature Sensors , Humidity Sensors

  • Sound analysis

Most of the students have prepared for 2 to 3 weeks for this event. The event was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. The students of second semester had an opportunity to witness the different technologies on display.

The event was inaugurated and judged by Smt. SaravanaKumari Sundaram, Director – Insurance Solutions, Virtusa, Bangalore

Prizes were awarded to the winners



Student Name





  1. Abhishek T N

  2. Meghana P

  3. Sriharsha

  4. Hemalatha

8th ISE

Micro Air Vehicle Enhanced Navigation



  1. Pruthvi

  2. Sneha

  3. Ranjini

  4. Supriya

8th CSE

Thantrik Rytha



  1. Srivasta

  2. Satya Krishna Sharma

  3. Anirudha M S

6th CSE

Universal Sound and Trillion SMS Generator


Consolation I

  1. Vinay Bhat

  2. Vinay Kiran

6th CSE

Ultra Sonic Radar


Consolation II

  1. Rajatha

  2. Pragathi

  3. Manohar

  4. Arjun

6th CSE

App Controlled Robotic Car


Consolation III

  1. Meghana V Rao

  2. Abhigna Kashyap

  3. Prakruthi B

4th ISE



Consolation III

  1. Varsha

  2. Ramya

  3. Vasudha

  4. Sanjana

  5. Shilpasri

4th ISE

Games using MATLAB

IoT Workshop @ Bagmane tech park

Author : Manjari M N, 6th sem ISE                                                                      Date: 9 & 10-04-2016

We had a two day workshop on internet of things (IoT) . We were almost an hour late to the class on the first day, since we ended up in Phase 2 of Bagmane tech park; But we were supposed to go to Phase 1. We finally made it to the texas instruments campus. It was an amusing view through the way to the class. Since we were late, we missed most of the theoretical part of the workshop. However that was not much of a loss, because Arvind Sir (trainer) guided us through the experiments we performed.

We started off with a simple experiment to blink an LED, after which we got a break. We resumed with other experiments right after the much needed break.


We used Launchpad (by Texas instruments) for all the experiments and the programming language we used was “Wiring”, which is a mixture of C and C++. Energia is the editor we used for coding.

There were approximately 18 members in the class of which a few were students, a few were employees. We all were divided into teams of two members, of which Mayuri and I were a team. Every team in the class were provided with an experiment kit, using which we all did the experiments.

Arvind sir mentioned the application of each of the experiment we did. Everyone of us got an idea of exactly why we were doing that particular experiment. Arvind sir was very elaborate with whatever he explained. He guided everyone of us throughout the workshop and cleared each of our doubts.

We had a lunch break after a few experiments. Lunch was available in the canteen. We all had good food for lunch. We resumed right after lunch and continued with similar experiments till 6 in the evening.


The next morning we reached at the right time. We performed many more experiments, which were quite interesting. We had a faculty from T John college as a volunteer, who helped us on this day.

By the end of the day, each group was given a different kit to perform vivid experiments and each of the teams were asked to give a demo. Our group – Pallavi, Yashaswini, Mayuri and I got a Node4j board, which was more of a mini-project, but, we were not successful since we lacked a software. We carefully observed the demos which was presented by each of the other teams, of which one team was of my classmates – Srivatsa, Shritha and Vinay Raaj. All the other groups gave the demonstration of the experiments they were asked to.

At the end of second day, we got a picture with arvind sir and left the campus

Representation of JIT @ Nandi Utsav – 2016

Author: Vaishnavi Jois, 6 th semester ISE                                                          Date: 3rd April 2016

It was an exciting day for all of us participating in the “Nandi Utsav – 2016” at Nandi Institute of Technology and Management Sciences. The students participated in various events. 14 students of 6 th semester CSE and ISE participated in the Mini Project Demo and Web designing.

re_P_20160331_1259151JT13IS010 – Harshita. J
1JT13IS002 – Aishvarya Shetty
1JT13IS018 – Pallavi Aithal
1JT13IS025 – Vaishnavi B
1JT13IS012 – Karthik Kumar H
1JT13IS006 – Arjun H N
1JT13IS001 – Abhishek P M
1JT13IS017 – Nikhil Bharadwaj
1JT13CS053 – Vinay Bhat
1JT12CS054 – Vinay Kiran
1JT13CS033 – Perumal S
1JT13CS057 – Yashwin B P
1JT13CS046 – Tilak K
1JT13CS055 – Vishal Srinivas

Nikhil Bharadwaj of 6 th semester ISE and Vishal Srinivas of 6 th semester CSE participated in Web designing and secured 1 st prize for “Designing Sports Web page”. In the Mini project demo, Tilak K and Perumal S won the 1 st prize for their work on “Automated Parking”.

Automated Parking lot was implemented using Arduino and was based on the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). We received lot of positive feedback from the staff and students at the Nandi Institute. It was a great experience for all of us. They were very happy with our work and appreciated the college management for taking initiatives to encourage the students.

We were very fortunate to have received great support from HOD, Principal and the faculty members of the department.

A Day @ Bang The Table

Author: Vinay Kiran, 6th Sem, CSE                                                                           Date: 26-03-2016

On Saturday 26th March 2016, I attended an one day workshop on ‘PYTHON’. It was conducted by IEDF and the venue was ‘BANG THE TABLE’ located in INDIRANAGAR, 12th main.

My friends (Arjun Hangud, Perumal, Vinay Bhat, Tilak and Vinay Raj) and me initially struggled to locate the venue. We searched the same road again and again, ultimately Vinay Bhat was able to locate it.


The company was located at 3rd floor, so we took elevator to go to that floor. All of was were acting like kiddos in that elevator, pressing all the buttons, so that the elevator stops at each floor.

We expected it would be like a typical classroom environment. But it was completely a different scenario. We were provided with bean bags and free WiFi . So it was more of a comfortable corner.


The session began at 9:45 AM. The speaker was Arvind Padmanabhan.He is the founder of IEDF(Indian Engineering Design Forum). He had a very profound knowledge of PYTHON. Just like all other workshop, he also started with a brief introduction about PYTHON.

My friends and me were only students who attended the workshop. All the other participants were professional working in various companies and organizations.

The first session was installation of PYTHON on two major platforms: UBUNTU and WINDOWS.

The second session was an interactive hands on session which helped us to understand the basics of PYTHON. We had a tea break. They even served biscuits, chocolates and snacks which was much needed for distraction and also networking with other participants.

Now, we were left with two challenging sessions and one lunch break. These challenging sessions were ‘Programming Challenge 1’ and ‘Programming Challenge 2’.


The ‘Programming Challenge 1’ was based on operator precedence, strings, math related library functions, string related functions etc. We had to post the answers on the website and Arvind sir used to test and review the answers. So it was a good interactive session.

After Lunch the ‘Programming Challenge 2’ was based on lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, list comprehension , dictionary comprehension etc. In both the challenge most of the correct answers was posted by us . Arvind sir gave us an excellent guidance as we started climbing the challenge . For almost , all the challenges , he used to provide us with single line code , which was pretty amusing . At the end he showed us some PYTHON based projects . Some of the projects were RIVER CROSSING RESCUE SCOOTER , OIL CAN CRUSHER and many more .

Finally we had a group photo and was ready to leave. We enjoyed the workshop a lot and had an amazing Saturday . But we had to wait half an hour in the parking lot , since our friend Perumal as usual encountered Arvind Sir with his questions .


Now we are invited outside as “Resource Persons”

Author: Shruthi Sagar, Student, Dept of ISE, 6th Sem                                    Date: 4th Mar 2016

When I joined engineering at JIT, my friends used to satirically comment “It’s just JIT not IIT”. My reply was “J comes after I!!”

I chose Information science as discipline and I was waiting for an opportunity to showcase my friends that JIT is no lesser than IIT. Our branch in collaboration with Computer science does a lot of technical events where students of all branches participate. Engineer’s day in odd semester, ETET conference in even semester, BoF sessions every semester, class room activities and others motivate students to participate in all events and demonstrate their ideas using current technology and implement them in their projects. One such event on technology, Cyber physical systems or simply known as Internet of Things was organized at the end of my 5th semester. I volunteered as a student coordinator as a first step in learning more about IoT. In the workshop I was introduced to Arduino UNO board and Raspberry Pi. With this workshop a unique initiative called Centre of Cyber Physical Systems (CCPS) for R & D on IoT was instituted under the leadership of Prof Adithya B and Prof Vadiraja Acharya A.

Within no time I started working on these devices. By the beginning of 6th semester, I had good hands on experience on these devices. Our professors Adithya and Vadiraja were invited as Resource Persons in Dayanandsagar College of Engineering to deliver a day workshop on IoT using Raspberry Pi on February 27th 2016.  Perumal S my counterpart in CSE and I, both of us enthusiasts in exploring new technologies stringed along our professors as volunteers for the hands on session. We were inspirited as the crowd were students of our own batch i.e. 6th sem ISE.

8In the first session, the students were introduced into the field of IoT beautifully by Prof. Adithya. The students were amused with his incredible exordium into such a marvelous technology of the era.

The second session was cranked by Prof. Vadiraja for introducing Raspberry Pi. The applications that we developed at JIT surprised the audience. They also came up with such similar ideas.
The most interesting and last was the hands on session where the whole of 65 students were grouped into 4 teams and each team were given a Raspberry Pi and few basic demos like LED lighting ,temperature sensing, distance measurement using ultrasonic sensors. We both were eulogized by the faculty for making the workshop a grand success.

13 6After this event within no time, the news of such a thought provoking event spread across many colleges. RNSIT, MCA department sooner requested our professors to replicate the event in their college. The workshop was scheduled on 4th March 2016. Now, the target audience were final year MCA students. Our team of volunteers now increased from 2 to 4 with two final year students Ashwath DS of CSE and Divyashree of ISE whose final year projects are also based on Raspberry Pis. With a take away experience from the workshop at DSCE, we started the sessions similar to the earlier one.

The students at RNSIT were sat through Adithya sir’s session as if they attended a TED talk. Vadiraja sir’s session was no lesser enthralling to the students. In the final session of hands on, there were four labs set across where each lab could fit 20 students and each volunteer demonstrated an application on Raspberry Pi.

Ashwath introduced the basic applications like controlling LED and switches programmatically, Perumal demonstrated integrating temperature sensor and ThingSpeak cloud analytics on the sensor values. while Divya exhibited distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor and I established a server-client communication between two Raspberry Pis. Our professors had an eye on all the demos and helped us wherever we were struck. The whole of the faculty at MCA department, RNSIT were overwhelmed with our performance in the workshop.

I can say these two days were the best days in my engineering life where I had an opportunity to share my limited knowledge on single board computing machines. Till now I used to attend workshops with those friends who used to tease me about JIT. But with these two workshops, I proudly claim with those friends that I have also conducted workshops.


Thank you JIT, CSE, ISE, Prof. Adithya and Prof. Vadiraja for giving us such a magnificent experience with these two workshops.


Author: Mr. Guruprasad Bhat, Asst. Prof, Dept of ECE                                   
Date: 27th Jan 2016

Electronics and communication engineering is a dynamic and broadly interdisciplinary field that continues to experience a rapid professional growth. To emphasize this our department came up with the idea to arrange a faculty development program to help delegates from educational institutions, industries, R & D centers and government organization in the field of signal and image processing.

Resource persons for this workshop are Mr. Suresh Kumar N, Zetta one technologies and Mr. Sachin Anchan and Mr. Gowrav L from GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt limited, Bangalore

FDP was inaugurated on 18 Jan 2016 by our Head of Department Mr. B.M. Chandrashekhar, & Mr. Suresh Kumar N, Director of Zetta one technologies pvt limited.

Zetta one technologies company provides a complete range of value-added design services for OEM customers. It also provides design and development services for prototype and production tooling equipment used in manufacturing.

Day 1:

The session started with introductory talk by Mr. Suresh Kumar on IOT and its advantages and challenges in the field of IOT.

Morning session was on PCB design and afternoon session was focused on Hands-on in PCB designing using LT Spice Pulsonics and Spicesim software. This session was very helpful in knowing a greater deal of PCB design.

Day 2:

The day was headed by Dr. Panduranga H.T and was accompanied by Mr.Kiran.

Morning session included a talk on ‘Open challenges in Signal and Image processing’ which enlightened the participants to know about What is Research? How to do research? Why Research? And was concluded with a sufficient knowledge on publishing papers.

Afternoon session started with the Introduction to software which continued with hands on experience on Signal acquisition, Image acquisition segmentation and processing. The day was concluded by Mr. Kiran.

Day 3:

Morning Session was opened with hands-on dealing with different applications of image processing which includes OCR and Vehicles counting under the guidance of Mr.Sachin Anchan, Director and CEO of GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt limited, Bangalore.

Afternoon session was continued by Mr. Sachin Anchan, where he discussed about practical applications.

Day 4:

Morning session was started with hands-on session with interfacing Aurdino board by Mr. Gowrav L, Director and C.T.O, GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt limited, Bangalore

Afternoon session was taken over by Dr. Panduranga H.T who gave a deeper knowledge on Speech/Image processing application (cryptography) with hands-on for real time application development.

Day 5:

Morning session was started with an introductory talk on Latex. Later on it dealt with Documentation of research results using Latex under the guidance of Mr. Kiran.

The Afternoon session was led by Mr. N. Awasthi, VP –Technical, Apsis Solution, Bangalore. He shared his vast knowledge about Product design and how to create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. He also explained about efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.

FDP ended with a Valedictory function in the afternoon session. Certificates were issued to all the participants. It concluded with thanking all the peoples responsible for the successful completion of FDP.

Day 6:

The participants were taken to Industrial visit to Multipek Pvt limited, Jigani for PCB Design and production for betterment knowledge of attended sessions.

The program ended with a good note and feedback by all the participants.

I also congratulate all the faculties of our department for the successful completion of one week workshop.

Five day Journey – A workshop on Internet of Things Ecosystem

Author: Adithya B, Asst. Professor, CSE                                                                                   Date : 11/01/2016

After a 5 day workshop on Internet Of Things Ecosystem which started on 4th of Jan 2016, after lot of leanings, lot of coding, lot of networking with participants, speakers and students; when the workshop concluded on 8th of Jan 2016 there was feeling of contentment and accomplishment.

The inception of the idea of conducting such a unique workshop was discussed with our HOD Mr. Nagaraj six months ago. Since then, we stepped out to attend workshops, tech talks and conferences not just in search of resource persons but also to try and understand what is IoT and what completes IoT. We later started working on the practical aspects of IoT. Sensors to computing, computing to internet, Internet to cloud, cloud to app, was just a one way journey.

We started preparing and listing components needed for FDP’s hands on experience and presented our proposal before our Principal. The idea was not to procure the sensors, boards for just FDP but also to set up a IoT lab. Our Principal and the management dint even blink their eye to approve the budget for a right cause.

Preparation went briskly in terms of preparing a basic lab manual for IoT lab, arrangements, printing and distributing brochures, inviting and interacting with guests and resource persons, development of online registration forms and so on.

On the first day, Dr. Bhanumati, chairperson, CSI Bangalore chapter and Mr. Hari Babu, Principal Technical Officer, C-DAC, inaugurated the workshop. Bhanumathi madam inspired the audience with stories of her experiences at DRDO where she worked as scientist in weapon control system, indicating importance of IoT in defense.

Mr. Haribabu delivered a wonderful one hour session on IoT basics, case study of IoT and described a agricultural IoT solution implemented by C-DAC in Ananthapura. The session set a apt mood and platform for the next find 5 day.

On the same day two other guests from C DAC Mr. Koushik Nanda and Mr. Dwarkanath, Technical officers spoke about C Motes, CDAC gateways, Lab Kits available at C DAC for educational institutes and various case studies that is in action.

Our intention was clear when we went in search of resource persons. We wanted people who practiced the craft of Internet of Things to teach the craft. That was the very reason, we went in shelter of C-DAC. The management of C-DAC was gracious enough to accept our request and permitted a day industrial visit to the Param Padma supercomputing facilty, IoT lab of CDAC. Sessions on augmented reality framework Archlib, cloud solution Sumegha and Internet security was nothing but a treat to eager minds. Participants enjoyed and learned thoroughly. The day ended with a scrumptious lunch at MTR, Indiranagar.

The third day was a tensed day and the most interesting among all the five days. Participants got to witness some hands on experience on Intel Edison groover kit. 6 kits were distributed among the participants by Mr. Rupam Das, Founder, Integrated ideas. Few sensors were integrated and tested on Intel edison board.

It was fun when we also got to witnessed the concepts of Google cloud platform for IoT. Anuj Duggal energized the crowed with his quick and effective content delivery. A very nice and very technically fueled session by Abhishek Narain from Microsoft on Azure cloud platform for IoT completed the third day. Although Anuj and Abhishek had planned hands on, they had to settle down for theoretical sessions due to technical glitch and time constraints. Nevertheless insights into cloud platform changed the view point of developing IoT solutions.

The reputation of any education institution is in the hands of its Students. I am personally very proud to have got a chance to teach a bunch of kids who have uplifted the images of Jyothy Institute of Technology in front of faculty from various colleges. When we requested them to deliver a session on their work, Perumal, Vinay Kiran and team were afraid to face faculty with no preparation. But, they eventually overcame that fear and delivered a wonderful demonstration of IoT projects.

Later that day they worked with Mr. Akshit and Mr. Somesh from Webero Teamchat, who had come from Mumbai to demonstrate and show us a new kind of WhatsApp for IoT called Teamchat, which is a messaging platform for IoT devices. The hands on by Akshit and Somesh and a beautiful product ideation monitored by Mr. Vadiraja helped the participants build small IoT prototypes the very last day on Hackathon.

The programme ended with a good note and nice feed back by our participant friends. Faculty from APSCE, BNMIT, SVCE, DSCE, CEC-Mangalore, KSIT, SJCIT, TJIT, CEC-Bangalore and BRCE had actively participated with enthusiasm and eagerness. I congratulate each one of them and also congratulate the hosts for successful completion of the workshop which ended in the presences of our CEO Mr. Shankarnarayan.

Engineer’s Day Celebration @ CSE/ISE

Author: Vadiraja A, Asst. Professor, Dept of ISE                                                                     Date: 19-09-2015

At Department of CSE and ISE, we have always believed in getting our hands dirty on the technology to understand it better and stand out from the rest. With the support of the management we have been emphasizing practical approach towards learning.

In that view, Engineers Days celebrated on account of Sir M Vishwesharaya’s birthday, is an attempt to motivate the young minds in the department to Think and Innovate new things. A day was spent in showcasing the projects done by faculty members of CSE and ISE departments along with self motivated students was food for brains.

Many projects developed were showcasing applications and proof of concept for IoT(The Internet of Things) which was essentially the theme of Engineer’s day at JIT. Few students had worked on Robotics , Networking, Software Defined Networks, Virtual Networks and so on. Projects received great deal of appreciation by junior students in the department and they actively participated in the event by creating creative clickers which attracted many students; adding good ambiance to the Live Demo Program. Other events like Technical Quiz and Tech-Rangoli were received well by the students.

The first year students of all departments got a chance to visit all the demonstration stalls and ask curious questions. They interacted with their seniors, understood concepts and appreciated with their raised eyebrows. A separate stall was setup inviting students for a De-Bug challenge. De-Bug challenge was sportively and overwhelming accepted by students and they loved solving the problems thrown at them. Over 20 projects, Technical Quiz, Tech-Rangoli and De-Bug challenge was a perfect blend for computer science enthusiasts to celebrate the birthday of the greatest Engineer India has ever seen.

Best projects by students was awarded, winners of the Technical-Quiz and Tech-Rangoli were presented the certificates by our beloved Principal. The event was concluded with semester wise group photos with the faculty members. Thanks to the efforts of the faculty co-ordinators Prof. Garima G and Prof. Kishore whose contributions made the event a grand success. Thanks to all the student Co-Ordinators for their enthusiastic work under the leadership of Pruthivi and Ashwath of 7th Sem CSE. Thanks to all the faculty members of CSE/ISE for their efforts. Thanks to our HOD Prof. Nagaraj A, Our Principal Dr. Mahendra K V and the Management for their guidance and support.