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Talk on Career Managment By Mr. Nagaraj A, HoD, Dept. Of CSE

Author: Pruthvi Kumar, Asst. Prof.,Dept of ISE                                                        Date: 18/04/2016

On 18th April 2016, an innovative and interactive event conducted by Nagaraj. A, Asst Prof, CSE Dept on “Career Management” for 8 th semester CSE and ISE students under CSI Student Chapter from 10am onwards in Seminar Hall, 2 nd floor.

The different phases of life was discussed, in which the work life spans from 25 years to 60 years, forms the 50 percent of the life span of a person.

The event was very useful for all the students.

Following topics were covered.

01. Why career management is important?
02. Differences between job, career, hobby.
03. Expectations of the employer
04. Responsibilities of the employees
05. How to be successful in an organization

06. 2 ladders – Technical and Management
10. Switching between careers
11. What is opportunity ?
12. Types of personalities
13. Success – Measurement of success
14. Successful people and their qualities
15. Performance in an organization
16. Organizational behaviour

This session helped us to know how to manage our career in future. HOD gave away Chocolates to the students for every right answers during the question and answer session at last

I would like to thank our HOD and all CSI and Non-CSI members of 8th sem CSE/ISE for attending to build their career

Computer Society Of India (CSI) Student Chapter Inauguration -@ JIT

Author: Pruthvi Kumar, Asst. Prof., Dept of ISE                                                       Date: 29/03/2016

CSI student chapter was inaugurated by Mrs. Bhanumathi K S, Chairperson, CSI Bangaluru Chaper.
Chief guest was Dr. P. Selvaraj, Senior Scientist, Group Director ,in ADA, Bangalore.

Coding Challenge

Author: Mr. Srinidhi Kulkarni

The Class of 4th semester is divided into groups namely







Each group consists of both boys and girls. Coding Challenge was given to all the groups .10 days time was given for preparation.

An event named ‘Coding challenge’ was organised, where in the group presented their practical work. The students have learnt all the phases of software development such as modelling the problem, design, coding, testing etc.

Students participated with lot of enthusiasm.

Initially when we started with the group ‘Ganga’ they demonstrated coin exchange problem with small presentation. Most of the teams demonstrated this within 25 min of stipulated time. Some teams gave the presentation of the problem with some extension of time. Every student of a team participated in the presentation. Code was written by following convention of C programming in a systematic way.




Coin Exchange Problem using greedy technique


Zodiac Sign with brute force approach


Knapsack Problem using brute force approach


Credit card problem using brute force approach

We received excellent feedback from the students about the conduction of the event and opportunity provided to showcase their skills.

Live Demo During ETET-2016

Author: Vallabh Mahale, Asst. Prof., Dept of CSE                                                    Date: 11/02/2016

re_1Live demo of projects was arranged as part of ETET-2016 on 11-02-2016.Students of 4th / 6th / 8th semester of computer science and information science participated in the live demo.

Some of the projects displayed were based on the following concepts:

  • Internet of things

  • Image analysis

  • Computer vision

  • Usage of Raspberry PI

  • Usage of Arduino Boards

  • Computer Graphics

  • Temperature Sensors , Humidity Sensors

  • Sound analysis

Most of the students have prepared for 2 to 3 weeks for this event. The event was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. The students of second semester had an opportunity to witness the different technologies on display.

The event was inaugurated and judged by Smt. SaravanaKumari Sundaram, Director – Insurance Solutions, Virtusa, Bangalore

Prizes were awarded to the winners



Student Name





  1. Abhishek T N

  2. Meghana P

  3. Sriharsha

  4. Hemalatha

8th ISE

Micro Air Vehicle Enhanced Navigation



  1. Pruthvi

  2. Sneha

  3. Ranjini

  4. Supriya

8th CSE

Thantrik Rytha



  1. Srivasta

  2. Satya Krishna Sharma

  3. Anirudha M S

6th CSE

Universal Sound and Trillion SMS Generator


Consolation I

  1. Vinay Bhat

  2. Vinay Kiran

6th CSE

Ultra Sonic Radar


Consolation II

  1. Rajatha

  2. Pragathi

  3. Manohar

  4. Arjun

6th CSE

App Controlled Robotic Car


Consolation III

  1. Meghana V Rao

  2. Abhigna Kashyap

  3. Prakruthi B

4th ISE



Consolation III

  1. Varsha

  2. Ramya

  3. Vasudha

  4. Sanjana

  5. Shilpasri

4th ISE

Games using MATLAB

Neo4J – DB Interest Group Event

Authors : Nagamayuri B S, Manjari M N, 6th sem IS                                                  Date: 6/04/2016

Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first class entities, helping enterprises build intelligent applications to meet today’s evolving data challenges. Before the session, we were asked to install neo4j software.
We had a session on graphical database management using neo4j on 06th of april 2016. It was introduced by Srinidhi Kulkarni, Asst prof Dept of CSE and Harish Sir, Asst prof Dept of CSE.
The basics were taught by Srinidhi Sir and practical implementation by Harish k. It was started around 2 ‘o’ clock in the CS/IS seminar hall. The room was quite crowded as a whole of 60 and odd people were fit into the room.
Srinidhi Sir started off with the introduction to the different tools available for the database management. We started understanding it better when we actually started using neo4j. We were able to implement it under the guidance of Harish sir.
We were asked to sketch a graph(schema diagram) using neo4j about the “T20 World Cup”.
By the end of the session, Adithya sir asked us to implement a graphical database on “Facebook post” independently.
It was a good opportunity to know about a graph database neo4j.
This session was held under database self-interest group.
Co-ordinator for this group is Mrs Chhaya Rajashekaraih, Asst prof Dept of ISE

IoT Workshop @ Bagmane tech park

Author : Manjari M N, 6th sem ISE                                                                      Date: 9 & 10-04-2016

We had a two day workshop on internet of things (IoT) . We were almost an hour late to the class on the first day, since we ended up in Phase 2 of Bagmane tech park; But we were supposed to go to Phase 1. We finally made it to the texas instruments campus. It was an amusing view through the way to the class. Since we were late, we missed most of the theoretical part of the workshop. However that was not much of a loss, because Arvind Sir (trainer) guided us through the experiments we performed.

We started off with a simple experiment to blink an LED, after which we got a break. We resumed with other experiments right after the much needed break.


We used Launchpad (by Texas instruments) for all the experiments and the programming language we used was “Wiring”, which is a mixture of C and C++. Energia is the editor we used for coding.

There were approximately 18 members in the class of which a few were students, a few were employees. We all were divided into teams of two members, of which Mayuri and I were a team. Every team in the class were provided with an experiment kit, using which we all did the experiments.

Arvind sir mentioned the application of each of the experiment we did. Everyone of us got an idea of exactly why we were doing that particular experiment. Arvind sir was very elaborate with whatever he explained. He guided everyone of us throughout the workshop and cleared each of our doubts.

We had a lunch break after a few experiments. Lunch was available in the canteen. We all had good food for lunch. We resumed right after lunch and continued with similar experiments till 6 in the evening.


The next morning we reached at the right time. We performed many more experiments, which were quite interesting. We had a faculty from T John college as a volunteer, who helped us on this day.

By the end of the day, each group was given a different kit to perform vivid experiments and each of the teams were asked to give a demo. Our group – Pallavi, Yashaswini, Mayuri and I got a Node4j board, which was more of a mini-project, but, we were not successful since we lacked a software. We carefully observed the demos which was presented by each of the other teams, of which one team was of my classmates – Srivatsa, Shritha and Vinay Raaj. All the other groups gave the demonstration of the experiments they were asked to.

At the end of second day, we got a picture with arvind sir and left the campus

A Day @ Intel Expo 2016

Author: Adithya B, Asst. Prof. Dept of CSE                                                              Date: 11/04/2016

Live demo has always been a enthusiastic display of technology in our college. This time around we were fortunate to get a chance to visit Intel Expo for the demonstration of technology in Intel. The Intel Edison Spider BOT,  Hand gesture  based king Julian game, smart interconnected watches, flight simulator, virtual reality and augmented photos were a treat to tech minds and fun for kids who had accompanied their parents in Intel.

The 3D printing technology which not just printed models but essentially scanned the models using HP Sprout computer was mind blowing. We throughly enjoyed and got some very good ideas as takeaway for our live demo at our college

Group Photos with our Students During ETET

Pot luck @ Dept of CSE

Author: Adithya B, Asst. Prof., Dept of CSE                                                             Date: 02-04-2016

Its been in our minds since a year now. We have been keen to organize this Potluck. On 2nd of april it finally happened. This time around, our CSE/ISE team was as big as 20 members, with few more additional guests we were looking at 25 people participating.

On 31st of March, we all decided in a meeting to get a special item cooked from our homes and Mr. Vadiraja readily coordinated the menu. Unlike our last pot luck menu, this time menu was very deliciously organized into Starters, Main Course and desserts.

Adithya B

Tomato Soup


Kadle kaalu usli


Hesaru kaalu usli


Bisibele bath


Palau, raita


Channa and bendi sabji

Vasanth and Niranjan



Various types of Chatni pudi


Om pudi


Curd Rice

Saravana & Harish

Carrot halwa


Kaaju sandwich


Rama Prasada


Badam Burfee


Cool Drinks


Fruits and congress kadlekaibeeja


Ice Cream


Pan beeda of dates

My mouth waters as I was trying to list the menu for you, I may have missed some items here. I am sure the readers mouth waters too; for such is the diversity in the tastes that each one of the dishes the menu provides.

The menu was fixed and each one of us started preparing our dishes on 1st and some on 2nd morning. It was a feast to the widened eye and hunger to the waiting stomach, when the images of their respective dishes were shared on our Faculty group on WhatsApp.

Frankly, I was not in any mood to take classes that day. I was reluctant to deliver a lecture the very first hour to the 6th Semester Students on “Process Control”. I tried my best to keep away my mind from the tasty lunch awaiting and tried to give justice to my lecture.

At 12:00 PM exactly, Mr. Vadiraja and I took our dishes to the canteen, to set it up on the table. I was surprised to note that the soup was still hot enough and needed no reheating. It was may be because of the tight packing that it had undergone.

One after the other, dishes walked in and were beautifully arranged on three tables. The quantity of food was not just enough for faculty members, but also for our 6th semester students who joined us in the celebration.

Starters to Main Course to Desserts it was a scrumptious journey. One has to only experience the confusion in our minds as to “which dishes should be chosen from the menu?”. I had decided not to leave any one of them untouched.

Surprisingly, the tomato soup which I had prepared for the first time; was liked by all and gave a kick start for the entire event. “Hesarakaalu usli” and kadlekaalu usli added to the starter and the course of Bisisbele bath with ompudi as side melted on our tongue. Chapatis combined with bende kai gojju and channa sat well as a combination, while the curd rice decorated with fruits marked the end of main course.

But, that was not the end of meal. We still had desserts, 4 to 5 types of sweets including Carrot Halwa, Rama Prasada, Kaaju Sandwitch and badam burfee; did not end our meal. Neither did final course of fruit salads with strawberry Ice cream did. Finally, pan beeda made of dates did mark an end with a memory of taste in every burp that day.


Representation of JIT @ Nandi Utsav – 2016

Author: Vaishnavi Jois, 6 th semester ISE                                                          Date: 3rd April 2016

It was an exciting day for all of us participating in the “Nandi Utsav – 2016” at Nandi Institute of Technology and Management Sciences. The students participated in various events. 14 students of 6 th semester CSE and ISE participated in the Mini Project Demo and Web designing.

re_P_20160331_1259151JT13IS010 – Harshita. J
1JT13IS002 – Aishvarya Shetty
1JT13IS018 – Pallavi Aithal
1JT13IS025 – Vaishnavi B
1JT13IS012 – Karthik Kumar H
1JT13IS006 – Arjun H N
1JT13IS001 – Abhishek P M
1JT13IS017 – Nikhil Bharadwaj
1JT13CS053 – Vinay Bhat
1JT12CS054 – Vinay Kiran
1JT13CS033 – Perumal S
1JT13CS057 – Yashwin B P
1JT13CS046 – Tilak K
1JT13CS055 – Vishal Srinivas

Nikhil Bharadwaj of 6 th semester ISE and Vishal Srinivas of 6 th semester CSE participated in Web designing and secured 1 st prize for “Designing Sports Web page”. In the Mini project demo, Tilak K and Perumal S won the 1 st prize for their work on “Automated Parking”.

Automated Parking lot was implemented using Arduino and was based on the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). We received lot of positive feedback from the staff and students at the Nandi Institute. It was a great experience for all of us. They were very happy with our work and appreciated the college management for taking initiatives to encourage the students.

We were very fortunate to have received great support from HOD, Principal and the faculty members of the department.