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Industrial visit to Ms. InCAP Ltd., Tumkur on 27-04-2019

Students of 6th semester CSE have visited Ms InCAP Ltd, Hirehalli Industrial Area, Tumkur on 27-04-2019.

Ms InCAP contract manufacturing services is an electronics assembly unit. They get the PCB and components from the customers. The components are stuffed to the PCBs and soldered and tested at the unit. The unit has facility of handling surface mounted devices and wave soldering machine. The students were exposed to the concept of incoming goods inspection and also the inspection at every stage of production. The students also learnt about the anti static precautions to be taken at the shop floor. The students understood the different processes involved in the electronic assembly shop floor.

The quality systems ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards were also introduced to the students.

Mr. Nagaraj. A, Assoc Professor, Mr. Srinidhi Kulkarni, Asst Professor and Mr. Venkateshwara, Programmer of Department of CSE have accompanied the students.

The industrial tour was coordinated by Mr. Srinidhi Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE.

We thank the authorities at Ms InCAP for permitting us for industrial visit of students. We thank HoD-CSE, Principal and Management for making transport arrangements from the institution. We thank Mr. Kishore G R, for arrangement of breakfast and lunch during the industrial visit.

Report prepared by : Mr. Nagaraj. A, Associate Professor, Dept of CSE

CSI Foundation Day held on 02-03-2019

CSI Foundation Day – 2019 was celebrated by CSI Student Chapter on 02-03-2019. A talk titled Exposure to the World of IT was delivered by Anirudh Rao, Research Analyst.

The students of 4th, 6th and 8th semester of CSE and ISE have participated in the event.

The talk deliberated on various issues such as opportunities for young engineers, joining Corporate, joining startup, the importance of coding, salary negotiation tips etc.

Prizes were distributed to the students who have won prizes in the Technical Blog Writing competition conducted on 28-02-2019.

Snacks were distributed to all the students and staff members.

I thank the HODs of CSE and ISE, Principal and the Management for providing us an opportunity to conduct this event.

The event was organized by CSI coordinators Prof A. Nagaraj, Dept of CSE and Prof. Pruthvi Kumar, Dept of ISE.

I thank all the students and staff of CSE and ISE department for helping us to conduct this event.

Report prepared by : Prof A. Nagaraj, Assoc Professor, Dept of CSE

Technical Blog Writing event for CSE & ISE Students 28-02-2019

Technical Blog Writing competition was conducted on 28-02-2019, for 4th , 6th and 8th  semester students of CSE and ISE, as as part of CSI Foundation Day – 2019. Following 3 topics were given for blog writing.

01. Impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Job
    Scenario in India.
02. Engineering education in India and its relevance
03. Impact of Social Media on Indian Society

Students were allowed to browse the content for 15 minutes. Next the students were asked to write the blog in their own words and submit the content by email.

Around 120 students have participated in the event. Students have shown interest in this event.

The blogs were evaluated by a panel of experts and the following students were awarded the prizes.

Prize USN Name Topic
First 1JT16IS016 Haripriya Joshi Social Media
Second 1JT17CS026 Neha Shashikanth Impact of AI and ML
Third 1JT15IS044 Swaroop Nadiger Engineering education
Consolation 1JT16IS010 Chetan B M Social media
Consolation 1JT16CS038 Pooja H C Shekar Social media
Consolation 1JT16CS032 Neha S Social Media
Consolation 1JT15IS039 Sriranjan M AI and ML
Consolation 1JT15CS041 Rangasri J Social media
Consolation 1JT15CS031 Nimishamba. G. Engineering Education
Consolation 1JT15CS007 Aishwarya C S Social Media

This event was organized by CSI coordinators Prof Nagaraj. A, Dept of CSE and Prof. Pruthvi Kumar, Dept of ISE.

Report prepared by : A. Nagaraj, Assoc Prof, Dept of CSE

Mini Project Exhibition – 23-02-2019

Mini Project Exhibition was arranged by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, on 23-02-2019, Saturday between 09.30 to 12.30. The students of 8th and 6th semester have exhibited  Mini Projects of Web Technologies and Database Management respectively.  17 teams of 8 th Semester and 10 teams of 6th semester, participated in the event.

The event was inaugurated by Vice Principal Dr C B Mohan. The function was attended by Dr Prabhanjan, HOD CSE, and all the teaching and non teaching staff of CSE and ISE departments.

The event was judged by the judges :

01. Mr. Vijay Kumar,  Chief Executive Officer , Creatise

02. Mr. Jayanth ,  Software Engineer, CRMIT

Following students have won the prizes.

Sr No Sem Prize Project Name
1 7 First Connect Nimishamba. G.
7     Rangasri . J.
2 7 Second Wheels to go Suraj D N
7     Supreeth
3 7 Third Movies Information Varuna
7     Shreyas
7     Sanath Kumar
4 7 Consolation 1 Course Guru Swathi C Shekar
7     Sushma. P.
5 7 Consolation 2 Internship Management System Sai Priya G
7     Varshini H S
7     Yashasvini K
6 5 Consolation 1 Resort Management System Anusha
5     Nivedita
5     Raksha
7 5 Consolation 2 Gym Management System VenkataKrishna
5     Krishna
5     Gnaneshwar

The students of 4 th semester have visited all the project teams, and prepared reports about the projects. The feedback received from students was overwhelming. Students have appreciated the event, and they want the department to conduct these  events, which exposes the students to different technologies.

Welcome address and Vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. Srinidhi Kulkarni, Dept of CSE.

Prof Nikitha. S, Dept of CSE, has helped in arranging the venue and coordinated with the students to make this event a success.

Prof Vallabh Mahale, Dept of CSE and Mr. Avinash,  Foreman, Dept of ISE have done the photo coverage for the event.

I thank the HOD-CSE, Principal and Management for permitting us to conduct this event. I thank staff of CSE dept who have helped us to conduct this event.

Report prepared by :
         Nagaraj. A,  Associate Professor, Dept of CSE, JIT