Technical Blog Writing event for CSE & ISE Students 28-02-2019

Technical Blog Writing competition was conducted on 28-02-2019, for 4th , 6th and 8th  semester students of CSE and ISE, as as part of CSI Foundation Day – 2019. Following 3 topics were given for blog writing.

01. Impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Job
    Scenario in India.
02. Engineering education in India and its relevance
03. Impact of Social Media on Indian Society

Students were allowed to browse the content for 15 minutes. Next the students were asked to write the blog in their own words and submit the content by email.

Around 120 students have participated in the event. Students have shown interest in this event.

The blogs were evaluated by a panel of experts and the following students were awarded the prizes.

Prize USN Name Topic
First 1JT16IS016 Haripriya Joshi Social Media
Second 1JT17CS026 Neha Shashikanth Impact of AI and ML
Third 1JT15IS044 Swaroop Nadiger Engineering education
Consolation 1JT16IS010 Chetan B M Social media
Consolation 1JT16CS038 Pooja H C Shekar Social media
Consolation 1JT16CS032 Neha S Social Media
Consolation 1JT15IS039 Sriranjan M AI and ML
Consolation 1JT15CS041 Rangasri J Social media
Consolation 1JT15CS031 Nimishamba. G. Engineering Education
Consolation 1JT15CS007 Aishwarya C S Social Media

This event was organized by CSI coordinators Prof Nagaraj. A, Dept of CSE and Prof. Pruthvi Kumar, Dept of ISE.

Report prepared by : A. Nagaraj, Assoc Prof, Dept of CSE

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