FDP on Data Structures and its Application Laboratory

Author: Saravana M K and Harish K , Asst. Prof, CSE     Date: 21 July 2016


On 19th and 20th of July 2016 there was two days Faculty Development Program on Data Structures and its Applications Laboratory held at SaiVidya Institute of Technology Rajanakunte Bangalore 64 Organized by Department of Information Science and Engineering & Department of Computer Science and Engineering. On Day 1 The FDP was inaugurated by Chief guest Dr.Rajnikanth Former principal of MSRIT, Bangalore and dignitaries on the stage were President of the SaiVidya College Dr. M R HOLLA. Along with the K G Mohan  Professor and HOD Department of CSE, Professor VrindaShetty Associate Professor & HOD, ISE , Professor A M Padmareddy Dean student affairs  & Principal Dr H S Ramesh Babu.

Session 1 started with speech by Dr Rajnikanth sir on the topic Data Structure application and which data structures to use for the real world problem.

Session 2 Professor A M Padmareddy Spoke about good practices to be followed while writing of program, followed by program on Singly linked list creation of Singly linked list,displaying of Singly linked list, Insertion and deletion at the end of Singly linked list, performing Insertion and deletion at front of Singly linked list.

Session 3 Prof Deepak Raj spoke about program on strings, which demonstrates operations on strings to search a substring in main string without using built in function using array as data structure.

On Day 2 Session 1 Professor Amogh P K spoke about Hash Data structure and  linear Probing technique.

In Session 2 Professor  A M Padmareddy spoke about Singly circular  linked list with the header node which is useful for the addition of two polynomials

In Session 3 Professor SukurthGowda M A spoked about stack implementation .

On Valedictory function Professor A M Padmareddy delivered speech on what are the qualities required for the person to become  ideal teacher in community. The FDP ended with group photo and distribution of certificates.

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