Handball VTU Tournament at T.John Institute of Technology

On 15th of march there was a HANDBALL VTU TOURNAMENT  held in T.JOHN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Reporting time as per vtu was 8.30 and all the members of the team were gathered over there by the time as per schelduled.

There was a inaugural function held at 11 p.m and all the officials chief guest were present.

There were around 10 teams participating in the tournamnet and the ties for which was put by the officials .

Our match was agImage6ainst the host team T.JOHN at 1 p.m. All were pumped up to face of the match,we warmed up and we were all set to play the match against them.

This is the 1st time JIT took part in handball and we successfully won our debut match defeating the host team.

Our second match was on 16th and it was against the defending champions RVCE and we did’nt lose our hopes as it was a mighty team we were taking on.Inspite of the tough fight against them we had to lose for the excellent game we played.

This was a very good exposure for us  and we even were one amongst the 4 semifinalists and this was’nt bad for us as it was the 1st time we took part. RVCE went on to win the tournament and GAT secured runner up place.Overall it was good tournament for the JIT.




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