Ramp walk at BMS Utsav

Author: Karthik M , 6th sem CSE                                                            Date: 2nd April 2016

On 2nd April, we the students of JIT had participated in ramp walk at BMS Utsav. Since, we had won first place at BMS Utsav 2015, we tried hard towards success. Hard luck, we could not win this time. The show was organized at 5 pm in Basavanagudi campus on 2nd April.

Our theme was “GODS”. We prepared the costumes on our own using the waste materials available. We spent day and night at this practicing hard. The costumes came out well.

Thanks to every one from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, as well as other Departments for their support. A special thanks to our principal, Dr. K V Mahendra  and HOD’s of all the Departments for their permission and support.

Team Members :

  1. Karthik M
  2. Sanjay G M
  3. Chethan S
  4. Amar B P
  5. Bhuvan
  6. Pragna
  7. Sindhura
  8. Akshaya

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