Talk on Career Managment By Mr. Nagaraj A, HoD, Dept. Of CSE

Author: Pruthvi Kumar, Asst. Prof.,Dept of ISE                                                        Date: 18/04/2016

On 18th April 2016, an innovative and interactive event conducted by Nagaraj. A, Asst Prof, CSE Dept on “Career Management” for 8 th semester CSE and ISE students under CSI Student Chapter from 10am onwards in Seminar Hall, 2 nd floor.

The different phases of life was discussed, in which the work life spans from 25 years to 60 years, forms the 50 percent of the life span of a person.

The event was very useful for all the students.

Following topics were covered.

01. Why career management is important?
02. Differences between job, career, hobby.
03. Expectations of the employer
04. Responsibilities of the employees
05. How to be successful in an organization

06. 2 ladders – Technical and Management
10. Switching between careers
11. What is opportunity ?
12. Types of personalities
13. Success – Measurement of success
14. Successful people and their qualities
15. Performance in an organization
16. Organizational behaviour

This session helped us to know how to manage our career in future. HOD gave away Chocolates to the students for every right answers during the question and answer session at last

I would like to thank our HOD and all CSI and Non-CSI members of 8th sem CSE/ISE for attending to build their career

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