Now we are invited outside as “Resource Persons”

Author: Shruthi Sagar, Student, Dept of ISE, 6th Sem                                    Date: 4th Mar 2016

When I joined engineering at JIT, my friends used to satirically comment “It’s just JIT not IIT”. My reply was “J comes after I!!”

I chose Information science as discipline and I was waiting for an opportunity to showcase my friends that JIT is no lesser than IIT. Our branch in collaboration with Computer science does a lot of technical events where students of all branches participate. Engineer’s day in odd semester, ETET conference in even semester, BoF sessions every semester, class room activities and others motivate students to participate in all events and demonstrate their ideas using current technology and implement them in their projects. One such event on technology, Cyber physical systems or simply known as Internet of Things was organized at the end of my 5th semester. I volunteered as a student coordinator as a first step in learning more about IoT. In the workshop I was introduced to Arduino UNO board and Raspberry Pi. With this workshop a unique initiative called Centre of Cyber Physical Systems (CCPS) for R & D on IoT was instituted under the leadership of Prof Adithya B and Prof Vadiraja Acharya A.

Within no time I started working on these devices. By the beginning of 6th semester, I had good hands on experience on these devices. Our professors Adithya and Vadiraja were invited as Resource Persons in Dayanandsagar College of Engineering to deliver a day workshop on IoT using Raspberry Pi on February 27th 2016.  Perumal S my counterpart in CSE and I, both of us enthusiasts in exploring new technologies stringed along our professors as volunteers for the hands on session. We were inspirited as the crowd were students of our own batch i.e. 6th sem ISE.

8In the first session, the students were introduced into the field of IoT beautifully by Prof. Adithya. The students were amused with his incredible exordium into such a marvelous technology of the era.

The second session was cranked by Prof. Vadiraja for introducing Raspberry Pi. The applications that we developed at JIT surprised the audience. They also came up with such similar ideas.
The most interesting and last was the hands on session where the whole of 65 students were grouped into 4 teams and each team were given a Raspberry Pi and few basic demos like LED lighting ,temperature sensing, distance measurement using ultrasonic sensors. We both were eulogized by the faculty for making the workshop a grand success.

13 6After this event within no time, the news of such a thought provoking event spread across many colleges. RNSIT, MCA department sooner requested our professors to replicate the event in their college. The workshop was scheduled on 4th March 2016. Now, the target audience were final year MCA students. Our team of volunteers now increased from 2 to 4 with two final year students Ashwath DS of CSE and Divyashree of ISE whose final year projects are also based on Raspberry Pis. With a take away experience from the workshop at DSCE, we started the sessions similar to the earlier one.

The students at RNSIT were sat through Adithya sir’s session as if they attended a TED talk. Vadiraja sir’s session was no lesser enthralling to the students. In the final session of hands on, there were four labs set across where each lab could fit 20 students and each volunteer demonstrated an application on Raspberry Pi.

Ashwath introduced the basic applications like controlling LED and switches programmatically, Perumal demonstrated integrating temperature sensor and ThingSpeak cloud analytics on the sensor values. while Divya exhibited distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor and I established a server-client communication between two Raspberry Pis. Our professors had an eye on all the demos and helped us wherever we were struck. The whole of the faculty at MCA department, RNSIT were overwhelmed with our performance in the workshop.

I can say these two days were the best days in my engineering life where I had an opportunity to share my limited knowledge on single board computing machines. Till now I used to attend workshops with those friends who used to tease me about JIT. But with these two workshops, I proudly claim with those friends that I have also conducted workshops.


Thank you JIT, CSE, ISE, Prof. Adithya and Prof. Vadiraja for giving us such a magnificent experience with these two workshops.

  1. Thank you Shruthi Sagar for wonderfull blog,
    Really an awesome day and very good oppourtunity to interact with other college students. Really we learnt many things .Thank you Adithya sir ,vadiraja sir and our hod sir and principal sir for providing such oppourtunities.

  2. Super….I feel proud of you people..

  3. Such a nice article Shruthi Sagar.I am so eager to participate in all these events.It is so true that JIT is no less than an IIT.We get so many platforms to showcase our skills.BoF sessions,etet, engineer’s day are all so exciting.We would like to take part in many more events.

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