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5th National conference on ETET @ Dept of ME

Author: Mr. Raghavendra J V, Asst. Professor, Dept of ME                                   Date: 12-03-2016

5th National conference on “Emerging Trends in Engineering Technologies, “ETET-2016” is a prestigious event jointly organized by Dept. of Mechanical Engineering on 11TH and 12TH of March-2016 in association with other Departments of Jyothy Institute of Technology (JIT), Bengaluru-560082. Shri M.Narasimhan, Trustee, Jyothy Charitable Trust, Presided over the function. Dr. S.G Sreekanteswara Swamy, Fellow, KSCST was the Chief Guest and Mrs. Sarvana Kumari Sundram, Director, Insurance Solutions, VIRTUSA Guest of Honour, for the Inaugural function on 11-03-2016. Principal, Dr. K.V. Mahendra welcomed the gathering.

The Conference was an overwhelming success, attracting more than 200 Authors from different engineering branches across country and provided great intellectual and technical interaction for the participants.

The Department of Mechanical engineering has received very good response wherein more than 50 authors have presented technical papers from reputed engineering colleges across Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The conference was conducted in 3 sessions. On Day-1, all sessions were chaired by Dr.Harisha S.K, Associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.V.C.E, Bengaluru and Prof. Rakesh P, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, J.I.T, Bengaluru. On Day-2, all sessions were chaired by Dr. Suresh P.M, Professor and H.O.D, Department of Mechanical Engineering, K.S.I.T, Bengaluru and Prof. Muralidhar Sharma K.V, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, J.I.T, Bengaluru.

On Day-1, the best paper awards are;

1st Prize: Mr. Sajjan Raj Keshari, Mr. Sagar Surendran, Mr. Sandeep G, Mr.Shreevathsa P.N, Mr. Avinash. L, Mr. Kotgi Kotresh tittled “The effect of SiCp Reinforcement on the microstructure, mechanical properties and Tribological behaviour of A-356 Alloy” of NMIT, Bengaluru.

2nd  Prize: Mr. Abhinav Mahendra & Mr. Vishak Nandan B S tittled “An overview of 3D printing for Manufacturing” of BMSCE, Bengaluru.

On Day-2, the best paper awards are;

1st Prize: Mr. Thejaraju, Mr. Levin George, Mr. Albin Joseph, Mr. Abhishek Dubey tittled “Natural Convection Heat Transfer of oval shaped perforated fin arrays” of Christ University, Bengaluru.

2ND Prize: Mr. Anzil Jose, Mrs. Bindushree S, Mr. Prashantha Kumar S T Wear Characterization of Fly Ash With Various Binders and Reinforcement Materials” of VVIT, Bengaluru.

1st Prize: Mr. Rozan Manzoor, Mr. Anupam Ananda P “Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Transplanter” of Christ University, Bengaluru.

2ND Prize: Mr. Hemadri Naidu.T “A Comparative Study of Mechanical Properties in Joining of Aluminum Alloy AA6061-T6 Material Using TIG Welding Process With and Without Pulsation” of K.S Polytechnic, Bengaluru.

The valedictory function was held on 12-03-2016. Mr.Gopichandra Reddy, HCL Technologies was the chief guest. The feed back from participants was very encouraging. Principal, Dr. K.V. Mahendra welcomed the gathering Session wise prizes for best papers were distributed during valedictory function by the chief guest.

Coding Contest @ Dept of CSE During ETET-2016

Author: Adithya B, Asst. Professor, Dept of CSE                                                  Date: 12/03/2016


Technically challenging problems were given to more than 10 teams with in JIT and one team from Don Bosco College of Engineering. Students from various branches, across semesters participated actively in this event.re_20160312_104944

Initially when we started to contemplate on what should the structure of this event should be, we though we should have three rounds. The first round being C programming, second a C++ development followed by a web application development. But, when we saw the students who were willing to participate from various other departments and also from lower semesters, we decided to have same three rounds, but this time only C programming problems were giving to the participants.re_20160312_101119

The first problem was a simple problem which could be solved within 25 min. Most of the teams solved this within 25 min of stipulated time. Some teams did solve the problem with some extension of time.

By the time the second round started, the crowd of students outside in the quadrangle started getting together for a Treasure Hunt event. Some of the participants naturally distracted wanted to participant in both of these parallel events. The second problem was again a C programming problem with a slight increase in complexity than the previous. 4 teams were able to crack it fully, couple of teams dropped out of the contest to participant in treasure hunt.

Two teams finally were able to complete the 3rd round and one team with a partial output. Later that day, they were awarded prizes during the valedictory function.

Group Learning @ DAA Class – A Class room activity

Author: Srinidhi Kulkarni, Asst. Professor, Dept of CSE                                    Date: 26-02-2016

Design and Analysis of algorithm is culmination of theoretical, problematic and programmatic course that is tendered to the 2nd year students in their 4th semester. Course presently handled by Prof Nagaraj A, HoD, Dept of CSE, finds itself as an interesting course. He conducted an event called as group learning at 2nd floor seminar hall at 12:30pm .

Students were divided into different groups namely Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Kaveri, Narmada and Godavari. Each group was given a problem to solve based on Kruskal’s algorithm, Dijkstras algorithm, Prim’s algorithm, and Knapsack methods. Students discussed among the group to find out the optimal solution. As they say, any local problem has more than one global solution, different ideas and solutions emerged for the same problem. Each group were asked to brainstorm and to conclude the right method before their peers. Students participated with lot of enthusiasm, demonstrated Team work and peer to peer learning.

Project Review – II @ Dept of CSE/ISE

Author: Manoj Kumar M, Asst. Professor, Dept of CSE                                         Date: 06/02/2016


It is a feel good factor for Project guides if students show interest and enthusiasm to complete the planned modules and demonstrate it before Panel. We have observed that passion in our students, couple of days prior to the review, they were in that healthy tension, restless to meet the guides to show the progress, to clarify doubts, to show project documents like synopsis , work break down structure, ppts, work completion diaries and etc. 1

It is our practice to invite industry persons to conduct reviews keeping a foresight that their feedback will be beneficial for students to get exposed to real world scenarios which in turn helps to enhance their knowledge. This time we had invited eminent personalities Mr. Kiran, Scientist D, ISAC, Bangalore and Mr. Udaya, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, Bangalore.20160206_094834

Project Review 2 was scheduled on 06-02-2016 for final year students of department of Computer Science and Information Science. There were 15 projects. Students were informed to keep their projects up and running before approaching panel.

15 projects were setup and running on 6th of Feb at two labs of Dept of CSE and ISE. 2 panels of 3 members was setup to give more time for assessing projects and guide students to give better shape for the projects.

Panel 1:

  • Mr. Udaya, Senior Software Engineer, IBM,

  • Mr. Adithya B, Asst. Professor, Dept. of CSE,

  • Mr. Vallabh Mahale, Dept. of CSE.

Panel 2:

  • Mr. Kiran, Scientist D, ISAC,

  • Mr. Vadiraja A, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ISE,

  • Mr. Bharatesh C, Dept. of ISE.

20160206_123219All the students along with their guides were assembled at 2nd Floor Computer science lab for introducing the guests. We could sense the seriousness among the project groups as they were on time, turned up in formals, holding documents on one hand and kits, laptop on the other hand. After a quick introduction from Mr. Adithya B, the guests were presented a bouquet as a token of respect from Mr. Nagaraj A, Head of the department, CSE.

Parallel review sessions started at 9.45AM, and carried out till afternoon as each team has to be examined for the literature survey that they have done, how they divided the modules among each member of the team, development environment setup, methodology and future work they have planned. It took an average of 20 minutes to judge the work. It was 12.15 when we finished with all teams. 20160206_123339

Finally its time for concluding, all students and respective guides were assembled. Mr. Udaya expressed his amazement when learned that all the projects were developed in college, in fact we are proud to say that in our college students are encouraged to build their own projects in house. Mr. Udaya has also given valuable feedback about maintaining professionalism, following software development model and also highlighted to have strong commitments towards project.

Mr. Udaya and Mr. Kiran was very happy about the students being working in various real time challenging projects. They appreciated the guides for being backbone in preparing students by exposing them to real world requirements. 20160206_123435

The day was concluded with formal note of thanks to the guests. I got a chance to thank the guests, guides and students and conclude the session on a good note.

ETET – 2016 @ ECE

Author:  H.B.M Ajjaiah, Asst Professor, Dept of ECE                                       Date: 11th and 12th March 2016

A Two Day 5th National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Technology, ETET-2016 was held on 11.3.2016 and 12.3.2016 in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, JIT.

photo 1The inaugural function was held at 10 AM to 11 AM on 11.3.2016. Dr. S.G. Sreekanteswara Swamy,Executive Secretary, Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru was the Chief Guest and he spoke about the importance of upgrading the technology. Conference proceedings were released by the Chief Guest. Later the Chief Guest interacted with the participants for an hour. He appreciated about the papers published in Conference Proceedings.

photo 2We invited papers in multiple streams from academicians, researchers and industrialists and we have received several papers, and selected 32 best papers out of them after peer review check. A total of 40 participants have attended the Conference. Each participant was provided with conference kit.

We have conducted the paper presentations in three sessions – First Two session on 11.3.2016 from 11.30 AM to 1.00 PM, and continued after lunch from 2.00 PM to 5.00PM. Third session from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM conducted on 12.3.2016.

photo 3To Judge the presentations, we invited two external judges- Dr.Siddesh from JSSATE, Bengaluru and Prof. Ravi M.Hatti from BLDEA’s V.P.Dr.P.G Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, and the three internal judges-Mr. Guruprasad M.Bhat, Mr. Nagaraj .S and Mr.Ravi Prakash. The valedictory was conducted on 12.3.2016 at 12.30 PM. verbal feedback is taken from the participants. The concluding session is attended by Chief Guest Shri Gopichand Reddy, Manger-Talent out reach HCL Technologies Limited, Bengaluru along with Principal, Program Coordinator and the entire staff of ECE Dept. and the participants. During valedictory Certificate distribution and prizes for best paper presentation were done.

Computer Society of India – CSI Inauguration @ Jyothy Institute of Technology

Author: Meghana Srinath, Student, 6th Sem. CSE                                     Date: 5th Mar 2016

On the 5th of March 2016, it was a normal day for all the JITians except for the members of CSI. An inaugural collaborative event was organized by Department of Computer Science and Information Science, where Prof.Nagaraj, HOD along with students and faculty members congregated to glorify the event.

On that day, two different events were organized by the faculty for the students viz., “Quiz” and “Pick & Speak”. Quiz was meant for 4th semester students and Pick & Speak was meant for 6th semester students.
Asst Prof. Adithya of CSE and Asst Prof. Vadiraj of ISE were the Quiz masters. 29 teams (2 per team) registered for preliminary online round. 4 top teams were selected for the next few oral rounds as detailed below.
1. General round – ಹಾಗೆ ಸುಮ್ನೆ
2. Rapid technology – ತ್ವರಿತ ತಂತ್ರಜ್ಞಾನ
3. Tale behind pictures – ಚಿತ್ರದ ಹಿಂದಿನ ಕಥೆ

Each round was increasingly complex and interesting. The questions that the participants couldn’t answer was passed to the audience; the correct answer was rewarded with goodies.
Concomitantly, Pick and speak was going on for 6th semester at a different venue. The topics written on small chits of paper were divided into two categories: “Fun” and “Technical”.  Few of many topics in Fun category were:
First day at college
Exams or no exams
Huccha Venkat
First rank raju
Bunty or Bubbly

Some under Technical category were:
3g or 4g
Google Chrome
Google Glass
Nano technology

The rule of the game was to randomly pick a chit from either of the lots and speak for at least 2 min on the topic. Asst Prof. Chhaya and Asst Prof. Kumar throughly enjoyed while they judged the crowd of their oratory skills. We enjoyed the whole of 1 hour event and some fun time listening to wonderful thoughts from our peers.
Asst Prof. Harish photographed both the events fully. However, the winner is yet to be announced. At the end of the day all the participants were distributed with sweets as a token of appreciation.
The event was efficacious in making our day fun filling and also in portraying our talents.
Finally, I would like to thank our HOD on behalf of all the students for having given us such an opportunity and we hope we get to participate in more such events in future.

Now we are invited outside as “Resource Persons”

Author: Shruthi Sagar, Student, Dept of ISE, 6th Sem                                    Date: 4th Mar 2016

When I joined engineering at JIT, my friends used to satirically comment “It’s just JIT not IIT”. My reply was “J comes after I!!”

I chose Information science as discipline and I was waiting for an opportunity to showcase my friends that JIT is no lesser than IIT. Our branch in collaboration with Computer science does a lot of technical events where students of all branches participate. Engineer’s day in odd semester, ETET conference in even semester, BoF sessions every semester, class room activities and others motivate students to participate in all events and demonstrate their ideas using current technology and implement them in their projects. One such event on technology, Cyber physical systems or simply known as Internet of Things was organized at the end of my 5th semester. I volunteered as a student coordinator as a first step in learning more about IoT. In the workshop I was introduced to Arduino UNO board and Raspberry Pi. With this workshop a unique initiative called Centre of Cyber Physical Systems (CCPS) for R & D on IoT was instituted under the leadership of Prof Adithya B and Prof Vadiraja Acharya A.

Within no time I started working on these devices. By the beginning of 6th semester, I had good hands on experience on these devices. Our professors Adithya and Vadiraja were invited as Resource Persons in Dayanandsagar College of Engineering to deliver a day workshop on IoT using Raspberry Pi on February 27th 2016.  Perumal S my counterpart in CSE and I, both of us enthusiasts in exploring new technologies stringed along our professors as volunteers for the hands on session. We were inspirited as the crowd were students of our own batch i.e. 6th sem ISE.

8In the first session, the students were introduced into the field of IoT beautifully by Prof. Adithya. The students were amused with his incredible exordium into such a marvelous technology of the era.

The second session was cranked by Prof. Vadiraja for introducing Raspberry Pi. The applications that we developed at JIT surprised the audience. They also came up with such similar ideas.
The most interesting and last was the hands on session where the whole of 65 students were grouped into 4 teams and each team were given a Raspberry Pi and few basic demos like LED lighting ,temperature sensing, distance measurement using ultrasonic sensors. We both were eulogized by the faculty for making the workshop a grand success.

13 6After this event within no time, the news of such a thought provoking event spread across many colleges. RNSIT, MCA department sooner requested our professors to replicate the event in their college. The workshop was scheduled on 4th March 2016. Now, the target audience were final year MCA students. Our team of volunteers now increased from 2 to 4 with two final year students Ashwath DS of CSE and Divyashree of ISE whose final year projects are also based on Raspberry Pis. With a take away experience from the workshop at DSCE, we started the sessions similar to the earlier one.

The students at RNSIT were sat through Adithya sir’s session as if they attended a TED talk. Vadiraja sir’s session was no lesser enthralling to the students. In the final session of hands on, there were four labs set across where each lab could fit 20 students and each volunteer demonstrated an application on Raspberry Pi.

Ashwath introduced the basic applications like controlling LED and switches programmatically, Perumal demonstrated integrating temperature sensor and ThingSpeak cloud analytics on the sensor values. while Divya exhibited distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor and I established a server-client communication between two Raspberry Pis. Our professors had an eye on all the demos and helped us wherever we were struck. The whole of the faculty at MCA department, RNSIT were overwhelmed with our performance in the workshop.

I can say these two days were the best days in my engineering life where I had an opportunity to share my limited knowledge on single board computing machines. Till now I used to attend workshops with those friends who used to tease me about JIT. But with these two workshops, I proudly claim with those friends that I have also conducted workshops.


Thank you JIT, CSE, ISE, Prof. Adithya and Prof. Vadiraja for giving us such a magnificent experience with these two workshops.

A day workshop on NPTEL – Prof Kamala Sundar, IIT-Madras

Author: Adithya B, Asst Prof, Dept of CSE                                                  Date: 29-01-2016

Although not a new thing, many of us have surely sat through the long videos trying to self learn concepts in our study. A very well articulate and formalized technique by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is “Technology Enabled Learning”(TEL). Faculty and Students of various graduate study call this by the name, NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enabled Learning).

Prof. Kamala Sundar of IITM, shared stories of how NPTEL started as simply a Web based learning to TV channel Ekalavya to Now a video based TEL. He shared his experience on how the role of teachers has changed from Information delivery to problem solving to designing; eventually inculcating the habit of self learning.

Our former president Dr. Radhakrishnan had said and I quote “A good teacher is the one who makes himself progressively unnecessary in the process of teaching”. In the same lines, I am to now believe NPTEL has contributed enough towards making learning; self learning and the stadium model, as Dr. Sundar call it obsolete. It has given a new perspective and meaning to the word “teach” than it was before.

Dr. Sundar in the second session spoke about a open source Learning Management Tool called Moodle, which is now used at college level in many colleges including Jyothy Institute of Technology. He briefed on various features that Moodle offers how it can be easily setup locally. Not just that, he also explained how 8-9 TBs of NPTEL videos can be made available locally to the students of the institution by simply filling out a on-line application forms and copywriter form.

Overall, A well planned and apt topic by Dr. A N Kumar, Dean, R&D, JIT and well co-ordinated by Dr. Rudresh Kumar, Asst. Prof, Dept of Chemistry; that was needed in the time when the semester is about to begin on Feb 1st. At this point I would also like to put it on record that in JIT, few if us have tried our TEL using moodle and got mixed responses from students. Eventually, students have accepted the model and started liking the technique more than we could even imagine. As an appeal I would request Faculty members to spend some time and build video and web content and make it available online.


Author: Mr. Guruprasad Bhat, Asst. Prof, Dept of ECE                                   
Date: 27th Jan 2016

Electronics and communication engineering is a dynamic and broadly interdisciplinary field that continues to experience a rapid professional growth. To emphasize this our department came up with the idea to arrange a faculty development program to help delegates from educational institutions, industries, R & D centers and government organization in the field of signal and image processing.

Resource persons for this workshop are Mr. Suresh Kumar N, Zetta one technologies and Mr. Sachin Anchan and Mr. Gowrav L from GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt limited, Bangalore

FDP was inaugurated on 18 Jan 2016 by our Head of Department Mr. B.M. Chandrashekhar, & Mr. Suresh Kumar N, Director of Zetta one technologies pvt limited.

Zetta one technologies company provides a complete range of value-added design services for OEM customers. It also provides design and development services for prototype and production tooling equipment used in manufacturing.

Day 1:

The session started with introductory talk by Mr. Suresh Kumar on IOT and its advantages and challenges in the field of IOT.

Morning session was on PCB design and afternoon session was focused on Hands-on in PCB designing using LT Spice Pulsonics and Spicesim software. This session was very helpful in knowing a greater deal of PCB design.

Day 2:

The day was headed by Dr. Panduranga H.T and was accompanied by Mr.Kiran.

Morning session included a talk on ‘Open challenges in Signal and Image processing’ which enlightened the participants to know about What is Research? How to do research? Why Research? And was concluded with a sufficient knowledge on publishing papers.

Afternoon session started with the Introduction to software which continued with hands on experience on Signal acquisition, Image acquisition segmentation and processing. The day was concluded by Mr. Kiran.

Day 3:

Morning Session was opened with hands-on dealing with different applications of image processing which includes OCR and Vehicles counting under the guidance of Mr.Sachin Anchan, Director and CEO of GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt limited, Bangalore.

Afternoon session was continued by Mr. Sachin Anchan, where he discussed about practical applications.

Day 4:

Morning session was started with hands-on session with interfacing Aurdino board by Mr. Gowrav L, Director and C.T.O, GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt limited, Bangalore

Afternoon session was taken over by Dr. Panduranga H.T who gave a deeper knowledge on Speech/Image processing application (cryptography) with hands-on for real time application development.

Day 5:

Morning session was started with an introductory talk on Latex. Later on it dealt with Documentation of research results using Latex under the guidance of Mr. Kiran.

The Afternoon session was led by Mr. N. Awasthi, VP –Technical, Apsis Solution, Bangalore. He shared his vast knowledge about Product design and how to create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. He also explained about efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.

FDP ended with a Valedictory function in the afternoon session. Certificates were issued to all the participants. It concluded with thanking all the peoples responsible for the successful completion of FDP.

Day 6:

The participants were taken to Industrial visit to Multipek Pvt limited, Jigani for PCB Design and production for betterment knowledge of attended sessions.

The program ended with a good note and feedback by all the participants.

I also congratulate all the faculties of our department for the successful completion of one week workshop.