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Author: Vadiraja Acharya, Asst. Professor, Dept of ISE                                                           Date: 12/01/2016

At the recently concluded – A three day IoT Expo held at BIEC, there were numerous talks by eminent industry experts which drew attention in the area of IoT. Among those of the densely packed auditoriums was JACARANDA where a speaker by name Mr. Srinivasa Moorthy, CEO, Andhra Pradesh Electronics & IT Agency fascinated me the most with his talk. His speech titled “How to build a device that keeps the doctor away?” showed the path to all those who are aiming at building an IoT solution in the medical electronics domains.

The guidelines he proposed was coined by him as “2-3-4-5 Rule”. The ‘2’ in the rule is much like “Persona map” of the Ideation Process. One need to know for whom the solution is built. Specifically here you need to ask yourself if you are targeting either the General Public or Physicians (Medical Experts). Why should you ask this question? The answer is obvious. The needs of each of these groups are different, which have to ultimately reflect in the solution you build for them.

Secondly the ‘3’ in the rule talks about the type of the solution you build. The solution you build may be used for Preventing some impairments or disorders. It may be a solution which may be used as a Monitoring tool which concentrates on certain parameters like Blood Sugar Level/Blood Pressure/Heart Beat etc. It may be a solution which can be used for Treatment of a particular disorder like Insulin Injector for diabetics, etc.

The ‘4’ in the rule lists the mandatory characteristics of the Solution you build. Accuracy, Robustness, Affordability and Universal Acceptance. Medical solutions are so critical, needless to say the systems should produce accurate results/readings. How does the system behave when there is a failure? How affordable is the solution you build? Is the system calibrated well and accepted universally? These are the four questions which must be answered with at most care.

Finally the ‘5’ says you need to follow five design principles. The solution should be a Complete one. It should be a Platform Based solution. It should be Responsive and Safe. A particular Development Process needs to be followed strictly and at last the solution should be Traceable and Manufacturable.

Mr. Moorthy explained each of these items in an elaborated fashion quoting appropriate case studies and use cases. With people like Moorthy we feel there is no dearth of resource persons who can guide young Entrepreneurs. They need not feel lost or confused when they embark their journey towards building an IoT Solution in Medical electronics domain. My colleagues and I were really lucky to be in JACARANDA hall on 12th Jan 2016 to listen to his inspiring speech.

Thank you Moorthy Sir and the Organizers of Expo!!


NSS Activity – Swami Vivekananda Jayanti @ Jyothy Institute of Technology

Author: Adithya, Asst. Professor, Dept. Of CSE                                                                        Date: 13/01/2016

20160113_103758-300x225As said my Swami Vivekananda, and I quote, Get up and set your shoulders to the wheel – How long is this life for? As you have come into this world, leave some mark behind. Otherwise where is the difference between  you and the trees and stones”; we at JIT are trying from the depth of our capacities to leave a mark.  Swami Vivekananda Jayanti has always been a celebration in India with pride and resolution of achieving something in our small life. 20160113_103917-300x225

  JIT also had a small celebration organized by Mr. Niranjan of Dept of CSE, Mr. Jayatheeratha Patil of Dept of ME, Mr. B I D Kumar of Dept of ISE of NSS wing. Students and faculty of all the departments participated in the ceremony and remember the greatest saints of modern India.

20160113_103939-300x225Our Principal Dr. K V Mahendra, gave a open call to the faculty and student fraternity to try and follow at least some of the principals advocated by Swami Ji in our regular work. Also he shared his thought of institutionalizing SwamiJi’s principles @ JIT.

Prof. A N Kumar, Dean, R&D remembered from his readings, how Swami Ji went extempore while his speech at Chicago and how he received a standing ovation from the audience.

Five day Journey – A workshop on Internet of Things Ecosystem

Author: Adithya B, Asst. Professor, CSE                                                                                   Date : 11/01/2016

After a 5 day workshop on Internet Of Things Ecosystem which started on 4th of Jan 2016, after lot of leanings, lot of coding, lot of networking with participants, speakers and students; when the workshop concluded on 8th of Jan 2016 there was feeling of contentment and accomplishment.

The inception of the idea of conducting such a unique workshop was discussed with our HOD Mr. Nagaraj six months ago. Since then, we stepped out to attend workshops, tech talks and conferences not just in search of resource persons but also to try and understand what is IoT and what completes IoT. We later started working on the practical aspects of IoT. Sensors to computing, computing to internet, Internet to cloud, cloud to app, was just a one way journey.

We started preparing and listing components needed for FDP’s hands on experience and presented our proposal before our Principal. The idea was not to procure the sensors, boards for just FDP but also to set up a IoT lab. Our Principal and the management dint even blink their eye to approve the budget for a right cause.

Preparation went briskly in terms of preparing a basic lab manual for IoT lab, arrangements, printing and distributing brochures, inviting and interacting with guests and resource persons, development of online registration forms and so on.

On the first day, Dr. Bhanumati, chairperson, CSI Bangalore chapter and Mr. Hari Babu, Principal Technical Officer, C-DAC, inaugurated the workshop. Bhanumathi madam inspired the audience with stories of her experiences at DRDO where she worked as scientist in weapon control system, indicating importance of IoT in defense.

Mr. Haribabu delivered a wonderful one hour session on IoT basics, case study of IoT and described a agricultural IoT solution implemented by C-DAC in Ananthapura. The session set a apt mood and platform for the next find 5 day.

On the same day two other guests from C DAC Mr. Koushik Nanda and Mr. Dwarkanath, Technical officers spoke about C Motes, CDAC gateways, Lab Kits available at C DAC for educational institutes and various case studies that is in action.

Our intention was clear when we went in search of resource persons. We wanted people who practiced the craft of Internet of Things to teach the craft. That was the very reason, we went in shelter of C-DAC. The management of C-DAC was gracious enough to accept our request and permitted a day industrial visit to the Param Padma supercomputing facilty, IoT lab of CDAC. Sessions on augmented reality framework Archlib, cloud solution Sumegha and Internet security was nothing but a treat to eager minds. Participants enjoyed and learned thoroughly. The day ended with a scrumptious lunch at MTR, Indiranagar.

The third day was a tensed day and the most interesting among all the five days. Participants got to witness some hands on experience on Intel Edison groover kit. 6 kits were distributed among the participants by Mr. Rupam Das, Founder, Integrated ideas. Few sensors were integrated and tested on Intel edison board.

It was fun when we also got to witnessed the concepts of Google cloud platform for IoT. Anuj Duggal energized the crowed with his quick and effective content delivery. A very nice and very technically fueled session by Abhishek Narain from Microsoft on Azure cloud platform for IoT completed the third day. Although Anuj and Abhishek had planned hands on, they had to settle down for theoretical sessions due to technical glitch and time constraints. Nevertheless insights into cloud platform changed the view point of developing IoT solutions.

The reputation of any education institution is in the hands of its Students. I am personally very proud to have got a chance to teach a bunch of kids who have uplifted the images of Jyothy Institute of Technology in front of faculty from various colleges. When we requested them to deliver a session on their work, Perumal, Vinay Kiran and team were afraid to face faculty with no preparation. But, they eventually overcame that fear and delivered a wonderful demonstration of IoT projects.

Later that day they worked with Mr. Akshit and Mr. Somesh from Webero Teamchat, who had come from Mumbai to demonstrate and show us a new kind of WhatsApp for IoT called Teamchat, which is a messaging platform for IoT devices. The hands on by Akshit and Somesh and a beautiful product ideation monitored by Mr. Vadiraja helped the participants build small IoT prototypes the very last day on Hackathon.

The programme ended with a good note and nice feed back by our participant friends. Faculty from APSCE, BNMIT, SVCE, DSCE, CEC-Mangalore, KSIT, SJCIT, TJIT, CEC-Bangalore and BRCE had actively participated with enthusiasm and eagerness. I congratulate each one of them and also congratulate the hosts for successful completion of the workshop which ended in the presences of our CEO Mr. Shankarnarayan.

Birds Of Feathers

Authors: Adithya B, Sumana C – Department of CSE                                                         Date: 10 – 10 – 2015


More than 100 speakers, more than 40 teams gathered at the department of CSE and ISE to flock together. We called the event itself “Birds of Feathers” inspired by “Birds of feathers, flock together“; although just an idiom, it reverberated in every JITian’s heart on 10th of Oct when students met each other to share and learn.

matrix-300x200 board-300x200The event meant for the students was the brain child of Mr. Nagaraj A, HOD, Dept of CSE. It was organized in collaboration with Dept of ISE. We were initially very skeptical about how students are going to receive and participate in such an un-conference. It turned out, this was the exact collaborative learning they were waiting for. The idea was to allow students to pick up a topic of interest and speak about that for 15 min. They had to not just select a topic, but advertise and sell their ideas to build a crowd worth listening

IoT, Blue Brain, Animation using flash, Software Murder Mystery, Virtual Reality are just small examples of wonderful ideas students had to speak on. A matrix as big as 2 square feet was build by the student coordinators in the 2nd floor Quadrangle to display the venue and timings of each of the 42 talks at 7 venues in parallel. Well, if you are thinking the venue would be some classroom or an auditorium, you are wrong there. It was informally setup on the corridors of Dept of CSE and ISE.

Students cheered at the crowd calling them at their stalls, as if a private bus conductors would call for passengers. It was a exciting scene to witness the market place of ideas. Each venue was decorated with feedback boards and colorful posters.

Totally 3 awards and 2 consolation prizes were given away by both the Dept of CSE and Dept of ISE. I would be happy to display the full list of teams that won awards below.

I Its Magic:
Sushmitha S
How does Siri Work:
Abhilash K
II Wearable Technology:
Shruthi P
Shrujana P
Glass Technology:
Prajwal H G
Muniyappa K
Punith Sharma
Sangna H S
III Software Murder Mystery:
Vishal Srinivas
Abhishek P M
Sathya Krishna
Virtual Reality:
Krishna Sharma
Consolation Optical Camouflage:
Prakruthi B
Blue Brain:
Akshatha C
Nagamayuri B S
Consolation Animation Using FLash:
Shruthi Sagar
Technical Impact on Agriculture:
Harshitha R
Pooja R
Rakshitha S


15As a feather to already existing crowd were guests from Civil Dept, Electronics, Mechanical, Basic Science. Along side were Mr. Vinay from Smarteq, Mr. Srinivasan from Jain University, Mr. Vinayaka from Intel Securities, who enthusiastically participated in the BoF. Our Alumini Shridhar, Mazar, Prashanth, Anugna, Anushree, Kavitha, Dhanush, Anun and Supreeth visited the stalls and encouraged their Juniors at JIT greatly.

It was not just students but all faculty member of CSE/ISE co-participated, guided, brainstormed ideas and motivated students for BoF since the inception of the idea. It was treat to see teachers in action side by side with students.

The event spearheaded by Vindya Prabha and Prajwal of 7th sem under the guidance of Prof. Sumana and Prof. Pruthvi came to a conclusion at 4:15. Our beloved principal Dr. K  V  Mahendra told while he loved the interaction with students and  I quote; “I feel like doing engineering yet again”. He gave away the prizes to conclude the event and congratulated all the winners and the department of CSE and ISE for its success.

Vignanotsava and Abhimukha – 2015

Author: Dr Uma M S, Asst. Professor, Dept of Physics                                                           Date: 18-09-2015

It was a day of great joy and hope. The campus of Jyothy Institute of Technology echoed the bubbling voices of the ever-enthusiastic students of JIT. The stage was all set for the big event – Vignanotsava and Abhimukha, a Science and Cultural fest, organized for the PUC students. This event has been organized right from the inception year of Jyothy Institute of Technology and has brought out the best talents to the fore.

The fest held on 7th September 2015 was a colorful blend of science, culture and sports activities. The event witnessed over 1000 students from various colleges actively participating in competitions like Quiz, Technical Dumbcharads, Mehandi, Rangoli, cooking without fire, Volley ball, Throwball, Badminton, Basketball etc., with a sportive spirit.

Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sheshadripuram P U college, R N S PU College (Vijayanagar), Oxford P U College, Vijaya composite P U College, National P U College (jayanagar),   V. E.T P U College, Silicon city P U College, National P U College, Surana P U College, JnanaSweekarDeeksha P U College, S.G.M P U College, V .V Puram Jain P U College, National P U College (Basavangudi),Vijaya Main PU college, JSS PU college, City PU college, ShirdiSai PU college, AMC PU College, Osteen PU college, Jain PU college R. R. Nagar colleges participated in this fest in large numbers.

The prize distribution for the competitions was organized in the Seminar hall at 3.30 p.m. The Dean of Jnana Sweekar College, Mr. B. Karthik Krishnan, graced the function. The Principal of JIT, Dr. K. V. Mahendra welcomed the gathering and mentioned that the number of participating colleges and students have been increasing every year. The Chief Guest congratulated the participants and lauded the efforts of the winners as he distributed the prizes midst cheers from the audience. As the programme ended with a vote of thanks, there were many students with smile on their lips as they left for their homes savouring the taste of success.

At the end of the day, the fest was a day off for the PUC students from their routine hectic academic schedule and proved to be a real stress buster.

The Conveners of this fest Dr. Uma. M. S. and Dr. K. J. Rudresh Kumar would like to thank all the students of JIT and the participants for making this fest a grand success.

Engineer’s Day Celebration @ CSE/ISE

Author: Vadiraja A, Asst. Professor, Dept of ISE                                                                     Date: 19-09-2015

At Department of CSE and ISE, we have always believed in getting our hands dirty on the technology to understand it better and stand out from the rest. With the support of the management we have been emphasizing practical approach towards learning.

In that view, Engineers Days celebrated on account of Sir M Vishwesharaya’s birthday, is an attempt to motivate the young minds in the department to Think and Innovate new things. A day was spent in showcasing the projects done by faculty members of CSE and ISE departments along with self motivated students was food for brains.

Many projects developed were showcasing applications and proof of concept for IoT(The Internet of Things) which was essentially the theme of Engineer’s day at JIT. Few students had worked on Robotics , Networking, Software Defined Networks, Virtual Networks and so on. Projects received great deal of appreciation by junior students in the department and they actively participated in the event by creating creative clickers which attracted many students; adding good ambiance to the Live Demo Program. Other events like Technical Quiz and Tech-Rangoli were received well by the students.

The first year students of all departments got a chance to visit all the demonstration stalls and ask curious questions. They interacted with their seniors, understood concepts and appreciated with their raised eyebrows. A separate stall was setup inviting students for a De-Bug challenge. De-Bug challenge was sportively and overwhelming accepted by students and they loved solving the problems thrown at them. Over 20 projects, Technical Quiz, Tech-Rangoli and De-Bug challenge was a perfect blend for computer science enthusiasts to celebrate the birthday of the greatest Engineer India has ever seen.

Best projects by students was awarded, winners of the Technical-Quiz and Tech-Rangoli were presented the certificates by our beloved Principal. The event was concluded with semester wise group photos with the faculty members. Thanks to the efforts of the faculty co-ordinators Prof. Garima G and Prof. Kishore whose contributions made the event a grand success. Thanks to all the student Co-Ordinators for their enthusiastic work under the leadership of Pruthivi and Ashwath of 7th Sem CSE. Thanks to all the faculty members of CSE/ISE for their efforts. Thanks to our HOD Prof. Nagaraj A, Our Principal Dr. Mahendra K V and the Management for their guidance and support.

Programming Crash Course @ CSE/ISE

Author: Adithya B, Asst Professor, Dept of CSE                                                               Date: 03-10-2015


The Programming interest group of the department of CSE/ISE, constituting faculty members, organized a very interesting crash course for the students of 7th Sem CSE/ISE. The course was very beautifully structured to impart ideas pertaining to C and C++ programming with respect to cracking interviews. Students participated in large numbers and took full advantage of the program.

The program started with Mr. Adithya B delivering an interesting session on Structure Padding, Data Alignment, Multi Threading in C using Open MP library, Type Casting and so on. Following this session Mrs. Anusha G E discussed various model questions and shared tips and tricks about programming.20151003_120256-300x200

Mr. Vadiraj Acharya, continued with C++ programming session, concentrating mainly on concepts related to Object Oriented Programming and various subtle implementation issues were discussed in due course of his session. Students learned a lot during this one day crash course and have endorsed the same in their feedback.20151003_120308-300x200

Concluding the day long session, a post course evaluation was conducted by the team which also doubled as a mock written test. More such session, perhaps for more number of days will be planned in near future to inculcate the logical and programming temperament among the JITian

Role Play – Operating System

Author: Adithya B, Asst Professor, Dept of CSE, Date: 13/08/2015

Considering the difficulty in visualizing the concepts of Operating System, I happen to plan a event of “Role Play” in one of my classroom sessions. The event was planned as an hour program. The participants of the event were 5th semester CSE and ISE students. Students were divided into small groups and asked to brainstorm topics, and also contemplate how can those topics be played out as a drama for 20 min.

Students manifested themselves as devices, OS, system calls, device drivers and so on, they enacted concepts of Operating System including “Working of a computer system”, “Virtual Machines”, “Memory Management”, “Structure of Operating system” and so on.

The concepts were very beautifully,  enthusiastically portrayed and enacted by the students. The event facilitated understanding of concepts of Operating System through visualization. The event gave them a chance to collaborate with peers and work as a team. Students responded well and more such events will be planned in near future with more interesting concepts to enact. Check out photos above

Case Conclude @ Dept of CSE/ISE

Author: Adithya B, Asst Professor, Dept of CSE                                                          Date: 23/09/2015

Collaborative event was organized at the department of CSE/ISE under the supervision of Mr. Vadiraj A of ISE and Mr. Adithya B of CSE. Students of 3rd sem ISE and 5 sem CSE were the main participants of this collaborative event called “CASE CONCLUDE”. More than 70 students actively participated in this event that was held in the 2nd floor seminar hall of block A.


Event description:
The event started with setting the ground rules; students were divided into 6 groups with a fair mixture of senior-junior combination. Each group was give  a topic as below.
1. Best OS for end users.
2. Best OS for software developers.
3. Best IDE
4. Best programming language
5. Best OS for mobile w.r.t end users
6. Best OS for mobile w.r.t developers

ApDwSuawBsp8__58JE3Vz6OYDOK1Zdl4QRIo13dZ8F7U-300x225Each groups were asked to brain storm and fetch statistics and conclude a best answer and support their theory with in  30 min time. They were also asked to prepare a formal document and present the idea before a informal panel. It was exciting to see students using various tools to fetch data and to collaborate with each other. The division  of task among themselves, leadership in the group, presentation skills, team work, peer to peer learning, self exploring and many other complex soft skills were witnessed within an hour.

Teams presented their wonderful analysis in a beautiful  and convincing way. Students received the event well and expressed their wish to participate in more such collaborative events. We are hoping to conduct more such CASE CONCLUDE collaborative events often to inculcate the habit of self learning and peer learning along side team work, leadership, division of labor and so on.

Case Conclude