Author: Dr. Rudresh,                                                                                                          Date: 5-Nov-2016

Asst. Professor, Dept oF Chemistry


Jyothy Institute of Technology (JIT) conducts the community development programme (CDP) every year from inception, for rural government school children.  It was a programme with the aim to contribute to the overall development of rural school children.  This year the programme was organized on 27-28th October 2016. The programme consisted of science experiments in the field of Chemistry & Physics of class IX and X as per their syllabi.

The event saw young enthusiastic participants from different government rural schools. The CDP comprising of innovative working models and investigation based experiments were set in the field of Chemistry and Physics, to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, which in turn proved to be a learning experience for them and this CDP was one of its kind.

Thus JIT provided a platform for scientific exploration and innovation to the future scientist. We thank our Management, Principal for being instrumental and encouraging this activity to take place in our College.

Congratulations to the organizing committee led by science coordinators of Chemistry and Physics department teachers and the student volunteers who have worked for its success.

List of chemistry Experiments
1. Detection of simple metals ions by flame photometric method
2. Organic compound structures Ball and Stick model
3. Identification of organic compound by paper Chromatography
4. Artificial rainbow
5. Reaction of acids with Metals and Detection of hydrogen gas
6. Display of various metals (physical states)
7. Artificial Val cone
8. Metal coating by electrolysis process.
9. Determination of PH of various food stuffs
10. Auto reduction of metals by various reducing agents

1)Photo Diode Experiment.
2)Zener Diode Experiment.
4)Diffraction by Mercury source.
5)Newton’s Rings Experiment.
6)Blackbody radiation spectrum.
7)Plank’s law.

Sl.No NAME Section Branch

FDP on Data Structures and its Application Laboratory

Author: Saravana M K and Harish K , Asst. Prof, CSE     Date: 21 July 2016


On 19th and 20th of July 2016 there was two days Faculty Development Program on Data Structures and its Applications Laboratory held at SaiVidya Institute of Technology Rajanakunte Bangalore 64 Organized by Department of Information Science and Engineering & Department of Computer Science and Engineering. On Day 1 The FDP was inaugurated by Chief guest Dr.Rajnikanth Former principal of MSRIT, Bangalore and dignitaries on the stage were President of the SaiVidya College Dr. M R HOLLA. Along with the K G Mohan  Professor and HOD Department of CSE, Professor VrindaShetty Associate Professor & HOD, ISE , Professor A M Padmareddy Dean student affairs  & Principal Dr H S Ramesh Babu.

Session 1 started with speech by Dr Rajnikanth sir on the topic Data Structure application and which data structures to use for the real world problem.

Session 2 Professor A M Padmareddy Spoke about good practices to be followed while writing of program, followed by program on Singly linked list creation of Singly linked list,displaying of Singly linked list, Insertion and deletion at the end of Singly linked list, performing Insertion and deletion at front of Singly linked list.

Session 3 Prof Deepak Raj spoke about program on strings, which demonstrates operations on strings to search a substring in main string without using built in function using array as data structure.

On Day 2 Session 1 Professor Amogh P K spoke about Hash Data structure and  linear Probing technique.

In Session 2 Professor  A M Padmareddy spoke about Singly circular  linked list with the header node which is useful for the addition of two polynomials

In Session 3 Professor SukurthGowda M A spoked about stack implementation .

On Valedictory function Professor A M Padmareddy delivered speech on what are the qualities required for the person to become  ideal teacher in community. The FDP ended with group photo and distribution of certificates.

Handball VTU Tournament at T.John Institute of Technology

On 15th of march there was a HANDBALL VTU TOURNAMENT  held in T.JOHN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Reporting time as per vtu was 8.30 and all the members of the team were gathered over there by the time as per schelduled.

There was a inaugural function held at 11 p.m and all the officials chief guest were present.

There were around 10 teams participating in the tournamnet and the ties for which was put by the officials .

Our match was agImage6ainst the host team T.JOHN at 1 p.m. All were pumped up to face of the match,we warmed up and we were all set to play the match against them.

This is the 1st time JIT took part in handball and we successfully won our debut match defeating the host team.

Our second match was on 16th and it was against the defending champions RVCE and we did’nt lose our hopes as it was a mighty team we were taking on.Inspite of the tough fight against them we had to lose for the excellent game we played.

This was a very good exposure for us  and we even were one amongst the 4 semifinalists and this was’nt bad for us as it was the 1st time we took part. RVCE went on to win the tournament and GAT secured runner up place.Overall it was good tournament for the JIT.




Football Tournament at Christ University

On 25th feb 2016 there was a football tournament held in christ university and the reporting time was 8.30 a.m. All the team members of JIT reached there by 9 a.m.
There was an inaugural function at 10 a.m.There were around 25 teams present and the ties were put onImage1 the spot by the officials present.

They announced that our match was against PNSIT at 12.30 p.m. We started warming up for the game at 12 noon.We were all set for the game, we entered the ground with full of enthusiasm and hope. We hurdled up and discussed our plans as wat was the role of each member in the team.
Refree blew the whistle indicating the start of the match. We had an aggressive start and had the upper hand in the 1st half of the match. JIT clinched its 1st GOAL!!!!!! in the 12th minute of the 1st half and all the members were pumped up and celebrated with full of joy and happiness. This was the end of the first half. Image3
second half started , they scored a GOAL!!!!! at the the start of the second half . Then we made a huge attempt to get an equalizer , but we failed . We almost scored a second goal , the ball just graced the far post and went out . Refree blew the whistle indicating end of the match . Then the penalty shootout started , and we won in the penalty shootout to enter the secomd round of the tournament.
This was the end of the day one of Christ University football tournament
Second day , which was on 26th Feb 2016, we played against Don Bosco and unfortunately lost to them in the second round and were knocked out of the Christ University football tournament.
Second day , which was on 26th Feb 2016, we played against Don Bosco and unfortunately lost to them in the second round and were knocked out of the Christ University football tournament.
On 11 April 2016 there was a football tournament held by VTU in SJBIT and the reporting time was 8.30 a.m. All the team members of JIT reached there by 8.30 a.m.
There was an inaugural function at 10 a.m.There were around 20 teams present and the ties were put on the spot by the officials present.

They announced that our match was against T-John . We waited the whole day but our match was postponed to the next day due to shortage of time.Image5

The second day we went to SJBIT to play our first match . They announced that our match is at 9 a.m. We started warming up for the game at 8.30.a.m.We were all set for the game, we entered the ground with full of enthusiasm and hope. We hurdled up and discussed our plans as wat was the role of each member in the team. Unfortunately we lost to T-John by one goal and we were knocked out of the tournament . Overall this was a very good exposure for the team members of JIT.

Ramp walk at BMS Utsav

Author: Karthik M , 6th sem CSE                                                            Date: 2nd April 2016

On 2nd April, we the students of JIT had participated in ramp walk at BMS Utsav. Since, we had won first place at BMS Utsav 2015, we tried hard towards success. Hard luck, we could not win this time. The show was organized at 5 pm in Basavanagudi campus on 2nd April.

Our theme was “GODS”. We prepared the costumes on our own using the waste materials available. We spent day and night at this practicing hard. The costumes came out well.

Thanks to every one from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, as well as other Departments for their support. A special thanks to our principal, Dr. K V Mahendra  and HOD’s of all the Departments for their permission and support.

Team Members :

  1. Karthik M
  2. Sanjay G M
  3. Chethan S
  4. Amar B P
  5. Bhuvan
  6. Pragna
  7. Sindhura
  8. Akshaya

Talk on Career Managment By Mr. Nagaraj A, HoD, Dept. Of CSE

Author: Pruthvi Kumar, Asst. Prof.,Dept of ISE                                                        Date: 18/04/2016

On 18th April 2016, an innovative and interactive event conducted by Nagaraj. A, Asst Prof, CSE Dept on “Career Management” for 8 th semester CSE and ISE students under CSI Student Chapter from 10am onwards in Seminar Hall, 2 nd floor.

The different phases of life was discussed, in which the work life spans from 25 years to 60 years, forms the 50 percent of the life span of a person.

The event was very useful for all the students.

Following topics were covered.

01. Why career management is important?
02. Differences between job, career, hobby.
03. Expectations of the employer
04. Responsibilities of the employees
05. How to be successful in an organization

06. 2 ladders – Technical and Management
10. Switching between careers
11. What is opportunity ?
12. Types of personalities
13. Success – Measurement of success
14. Successful people and their qualities
15. Performance in an organization
16. Organizational behaviour

This session helped us to know how to manage our career in future. HOD gave away Chocolates to the students for every right answers during the question and answer session at last

I would like to thank our HOD and all CSI and Non-CSI members of 8th sem CSE/ISE for attending to build their career

Computer Society Of India (CSI) Student Chapter Inauguration -@ JIT

Author: Pruthvi Kumar, Asst. Prof., Dept of ISE                                                       Date: 29/03/2016

CSI student chapter was inaugurated by Mrs. Bhanumathi K S, Chairperson, CSI Bangaluru Chaper.
Chief guest was Dr. P. Selvaraj, Senior Scientist, Group Director ,in ADA, Bangalore.

Coding Challenge

Author: Mr. Srinidhi Kulkarni

The Class of 4th semester is divided into groups namely







Each group consists of both boys and girls. Coding Challenge was given to all the groups .10 days time was given for preparation.

An event named ‘Coding challenge’ was organised, where in the group presented their practical work. The students have learnt all the phases of software development such as modelling the problem, design, coding, testing etc.

Students participated with lot of enthusiasm.

Initially when we started with the group ‘Ganga’ they demonstrated coin exchange problem with small presentation. Most of the teams demonstrated this within 25 min of stipulated time. Some teams gave the presentation of the problem with some extension of time. Every student of a team participated in the presentation. Code was written by following convention of C programming in a systematic way.




Coin Exchange Problem using greedy technique


Zodiac Sign with brute force approach


Knapsack Problem using brute force approach


Credit card problem using brute force approach

We received excellent feedback from the students about the conduction of the event and opportunity provided to showcase their skills.

Live Demo During ETET-2016

Author: Vallabh Mahale, Asst. Prof., Dept of CSE                                                    Date: 11/02/2016

re_1Live demo of projects was arranged as part of ETET-2016 on 11-02-2016.Students of 4th / 6th / 8th semester of computer science and information science participated in the live demo.

Some of the projects displayed were based on the following concepts:

  • Internet of things

  • Image analysis

  • Computer vision

  • Usage of Raspberry PI

  • Usage of Arduino Boards

  • Computer Graphics

  • Temperature Sensors , Humidity Sensors

  • Sound analysis

Most of the students have prepared for 2 to 3 weeks for this event. The event was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. The students of second semester had an opportunity to witness the different technologies on display.

The event was inaugurated and judged by Smt. SaravanaKumari Sundaram, Director – Insurance Solutions, Virtusa, Bangalore

Prizes were awarded to the winners



Student Name





  1. Abhishek T N

  2. Meghana P

  3. Sriharsha

  4. Hemalatha

8th ISE

Micro Air Vehicle Enhanced Navigation



  1. Pruthvi

  2. Sneha

  3. Ranjini

  4. Supriya

8th CSE

Thantrik Rytha



  1. Srivasta

  2. Satya Krishna Sharma

  3. Anirudha M S

6th CSE

Universal Sound and Trillion SMS Generator


Consolation I

  1. Vinay Bhat

  2. Vinay Kiran

6th CSE

Ultra Sonic Radar


Consolation II

  1. Rajatha

  2. Pragathi

  3. Manohar

  4. Arjun

6th CSE

App Controlled Robotic Car


Consolation III

  1. Meghana V Rao

  2. Abhigna Kashyap

  3. Prakruthi B

4th ISE



Consolation III

  1. Varsha

  2. Ramya

  3. Vasudha

  4. Sanjana

  5. Shilpasri

4th ISE

Games using MATLAB

Neo4J – DB Interest Group Event

Authors : Nagamayuri B S, Manjari M N, 6th sem IS                                                  Date: 6/04/2016

Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first class entities, helping enterprises build intelligent applications to meet today’s evolving data challenges. Before the session, we were asked to install neo4j software.
We had a session on graphical database management using neo4j on 06th of april 2016. It was introduced by Srinidhi Kulkarni, Asst prof Dept of CSE and Harish Sir, Asst prof Dept of CSE.
The basics were taught by Srinidhi Sir and practical implementation by Harish k. It was started around 2 ‘o’ clock in the CS/IS seminar hall. The room was quite crowded as a whole of 60 and odd people were fit into the room.
Srinidhi Sir started off with the introduction to the different tools available for the database management. We started understanding it better when we actually started using neo4j. We were able to implement it under the guidance of Harish sir.
We were asked to sketch a graph(schema diagram) using neo4j about the “T20 World Cup”.
By the end of the session, Adithya sir asked us to implement a graphical database on “Facebook post” independently.
It was a good opportunity to know about a graph database neo4j.
This session was held under database self-interest group.
Co-ordinator for this group is Mrs Chhaya Rajashekaraih, Asst prof Dept of ISE